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== Dutch ==

=== Etymology ===
vol (“full”) +‎ bloed (“blood”)

=== Pronunciation ===

=== Adjective ===
volbloed (invariable)

(of horses and other animals) thoroughbred, purebred
(of humans) racially pure
(figurative) fierce, dedicated to passionate

==== Related terms ====

=== Noun ===
volbloed m (plural volbloeden, diminutive volbloedje n)

Thoroughbred, a horse of prime stock
(by extension) any purebred and/or pedigreed animal or member of a human ethnic group

=== References ===
M. J. Koenen & J. Endepols, Verklarend Handwoordenboek der Nederlandse Taal (tevens Vreemde-woordentolk), Groningen, Wolters-Noordhoff, 1969 (26th edition) [Dutch dictionary in Dutch]