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== Translingual ==

=== Symbol ===

The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for Togo

=== Noun ===


== English ==

=== Noun ===
TG (plural TGs)

temporary gentleman
1888, Rudyard Kipling, ‘A Friend's Friend’, Plain Tales from the Hills, Folio Society 2005, page 176:
you can get rid of a man you don't like by writing a letter of introduction and putting him, with it, into the train. TG’s are best treated thus.
transformational grammar
transgender person
1997, Nancy Goldstein, ‎Jennifer L Manlowe, The Gender Politics of HIV/AIDS in Women
Often, TGs are forced to revert to their original gender in order to obtain services.

=== Adjective ===

(linguistics) transformative-generative

=== Interjection ===

thank God

=== Anagrams ===
G & T, G&T, GT, Gt, gt

== Chinese ==

=== Etymology ===
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Possible sources:

Initialism of 土共 (tǔgòng).
From the emblem of the Communist Party of China. The Latin letters T and G resemble the hammer and the sickle, respectively.

=== Proper noun ===

(Internet slang) Communist Party of China

== German ==

=== Noun ===

(apartment listing) Abbreviation of Tiefgarage.

== Italian ==

=== Noun ===
TG m (invariable)

Abbreviation of telegiornale.

== Welsh ==

=== Pronunciation ===
IPA(key): /ˌtə ˈɡə/

=== Noun ===
TG f (uncountable)

Initialism of technoleg gwybodaeth (“information technology”).