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== Estonian ==

=== Etymology ===
From Proto-Finnic *selkedä.

=== Adjective ===
selge (genitive selge, partitive selget)

clear, unmuddled

clear, legible, readable; easily seen, heard or sensed

obvious, evident

understandable, clear, plain

of sound mind, rational, sane, lucid

==== Declension ====

== Norwegian Bokmål ==

=== Pronunciation ===
IPA(key): /ˈsɛlːə/

=== Etymology ===
From Old Norse selja (“sell”), from Proto-Germanic *saljaną.

=== Verb ===
selge (imperative selg, present tense selger, passive selges, simple past solgte, past participle solgt, present participle selgende)

to sell (to agree to transfer goods or provide services in return for payment)

==== Derived terms ====
selger (noun)

==== Related terms ====

=== References ===
“selge” in The Bokmål Dictionary.