[<< wiktionary] 神通
== Chinese ==

=== Etymology ===
Originally a Buddhist concept, it referred to one who possessed divine powers. Later on, it came to be used metaphorically to describe to anyone with a special talent.

=== Pronunciation ===

=== Noun ===

special talent; remarkable ability
magical power

==== Derived terms ====

==== Related terms ====
靈通/灵通 (língtōng)

== Japanese ==

=== Etymology ===
From Sinitic 神通.

=== Pronunciation ===
IPA(key): [d͡ʑiɴzu͍ː], [d͡ʑiɴd͡zu͍ː], [d͡ʑiɴt͡su͍ː]

=== Noun ===
神通(じんずう) • (jinzū)  (historical kana じんづう) (alternative reading hiragana じんつう, rōmaji jintsū)

(Buddhism) a divine or special talent
(figurative) a divine or special talent

==== Derived terms ====
神通力(じんずうりき) (jinzūriki): supernatural force, power, or energy
神通川(じんづうがわ) (Jinzūgawa), 神通川(じんつうがわ) (Jintsūgawa): the Jintsū or Jinzū River in Toyama Prefecture

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