[<< wiktionary] recyclic
== English ==

=== Etymology ===
recycle +‎ -ic

=== Adjective ===
recyclic (comparative more recyclic, superlative most recyclic)

Of, pertaining to, causing or undergoing recycling.
1977,  N.S. Adkoli, "Ecological Effects of Kalinadi Chakra and Savehaklu Projects", published in Myforest (March), page 14
It has been worked out by environmental experts that this is the most acceptable form of energy conversion as it is free from pollution and recyclic.
2007,  James Morgia, The Mighty Electron Recycles All, pages 14-15
The act of composition and decomposition is really recyclic because the basic chemicals of life are used over and over.
2008,  Costas Papageorgiou, "Cognitive behaviour therapy, depressive rumination and metacognition", published in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: A Guide for the Practising Clinician, page 6
[R]umination consists of longer chains of repetitive, recyclic, negative and self-focused thinking that may be activated as a response to initial negative automatic thoughts.