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== English ==

=== Noun ===
mansioun (plural mansiouns)

Obsolete spelling of mansion

== Middle English ==

=== Alternative forms ===
mansion, mansyon, mansione, mancioun, manysoun, mansyoun, mancyon, mancion

=== Etymology ===
Borrowed from Anglo-Norman mansion, mansiun, from Latin mansiō.

=== Pronunciation ===
IPA(key): /manˈsjuːn/, /ˈmansjun/

=== Noun ===
mansioun (plural mansiouns)

A place where one makes their home or dwells; a home:
A house, hostel, palace, etc; a purpose-built dwelling or habitation.
A heavenly habitation or abode.
(figuratively) The abode of a human behaviour.
(rare) An animal's dwelling or abode.
(rare) A temporary waypoint on a journey.
The action of living somewhere; residence.
An astrological house or mansion.

==== Descendants ====
English: mansion

==== References ====
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