[<< wiktionary] video ho
== English ==

=== Etymology ===
From video (“music video”) +‎ ho (“whore”).

=== Pronunciation ===

=== Noun ===
video ho (plural video hos or video hoes)

(slang) One of the attractive, highly sexualized female dancers or actresses, typically black, who commonly appear in hip hop music videos.

Already Queen Latifah was going for hers in this male-dominated world of video ho's[sic] and fantasy B-gals.

Just when we thought couldn't nobody be a black woman in pop music without being a provocative pop tart, a put-it-on-the-glass video ho, or a gold-digging hoochie mama, here comes Badu—on BET, no less, home of the superficial, land of the fake.

The only difference between Imelda and a video ho was the stripper pole.