[<< wiktionary] варенье
== Russian ==

=== Etymology ===
вари́ть (varítʹ) +‎ -е́нье (-énʹje)

=== Pronunciation ===
IPA(key): [vɐˈrʲenʲje]
IPA(key): [vɐˈrʲenʲjə]

=== Noun ===
варе́нье • (varénʹje) n inan (genitive варе́нья, nominative plural варе́нья, genitive plural варе́ний)

jam, varenye, murabba (food; usually not as thick as джем, and with whole pieces of fruit or berry)

==== Usage notes ====
варенье should not be confused with варе́ние (varénije), which is a process of cooking by boiling.

==== Declension ====

=== See also ===
джем (džem)
варе́ние (varénije)