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== English ==

=== Adjective ===
memorious (comparative more memorious, superlative most memorious)

(of a person) having an unusually good memory
2000, The New Criterion (volume 19, issues 1-4, page 59)
He had forgotten ever writing the work until, ten years later, a memorious friend produced it in Palermo, newly refurbished by Rota.
easy to remember, often for specific reason (Can we add an example for this sense?)
Relating to memories.
2017, Brady Wagoner, Handbook of Culture and Memory (page 106)
As a space inhabited in the present, it often houses material elements from the family's history, serving as a memorious map that describes and explains the family's genealogy and narratives of its past.

==== Synonyms ====
(having a good memory) elephantlike, retentive, tenacious; see also Thesaurus:memorious
(easy to remember) memorable; see also Thesaurus:memorable

==== Antonyms ====
(having a good memory) forgetful

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