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James Aldrich (July 14, 1810 – September 9, 1856) was an editor and minor poet.

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Her suffering ended with the day,Yet lived she at its close,And breathed the long, long night awayIn statue-like repose.But when the sun in all his stateIllumed the eastern skies,She passed through Glory's morning-gate,And walked in Paradise.
A Death-Bed, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919). Compare: Thomas Hood, The Death Bed, p. 591; Phoebe Cary, The Wife, p. 171.God gives us ministers of love,Which we regard not, being near;Death takes them from us, then we feelThat angels have been with us here!
My Mother's Grave.Adieu, the city's ceaseless hum,The haunts of sensual life, adieu!Green fields, and silent glens we come,To spend this bright spring-day with you.Whether the hills and vales shall gleamWith beauty, is for us to choose;For leaf and blossom, rock and stream,Are coloured with the spirit's hues.Here, to the seeking soul, is broughtA nobler view of human fate,And higher feeling, higher thought,And glimpses of a higher state.Through change of time, on sea and shore,Serenely nature smiles away;Yon infinite blue sky bends o'erOur world, as at the primal day.The self-renewing earth is movedWith youthful life each circling year;And flowers that Ceres' daughter lovedAt Enna, now are blooming here.Glad nature will this truth reveal,That God is ours and we are His.O friends, my friends! what joy to feelThat He our loving Father is!
A Spring-Day Walk.

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