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Eliot Laurence Spitzer (born June 10, 1959) is an American lawyer and New York State Democratic Party politician. He was the 54th Governor of New York (2007–2008).

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Never talk when you can nod and never nod when you can wink and never write an e-mail, because it's death. You're giving prosecutors all the evidence we need.
Warning to criminals.
Pressure Mounts on Spitzer to Resign Over Sex Scandal. PBS NewsHour (March 11, 2008). Retrieved on 2012-10-15.One of the biggest lies in capitalism is that companies like competition. They don't. Nobody likes competition.
William D. Cohan (July 1, 2012). How Wall Street Scams Counties into Bankruptcy. Bloomberg L.P.. Retrieved on 2012-10-15.

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