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Suvi Maria Koponen (born 26 March 1988) is a Finnish fashion model.

== Quotes ==
It really annoys me that people think every model has an eating disorder, and every model is dumb. Most of the girls are naturally skinny, like me. I don’t have to watch what I eat. I love eating! Especially ice-cream and salty snacks.
As quoted in i-D magazine (March 2008)I don't care about weight things, but it's more important to me that I'm happy and I feel good. What happens to my body is going to happen and people have to live with that or I'll quit this job.
As quoted in Missä he ovat nyt? Mallikoulun Suvi - documentary (January 2008)

== Quotes about Koponen ==
Everyone knows Suvi in New York.
Riku Campo, in "Riku Campo : Everyone knows her in New York"  in Iltalehti (7 September 2007)There is intellectual power and refined beautiness in her appearance. She is a real chameleon, that's why her career is going to continue. -
Agnus Munro, as quoted in "Suvi Koponen is praised around the world" in Iltalehti (2008-03-07)I have got a new star for you.
Paul Rowland after seeing Suvi for the first time.Suvi is tall and she has an intensive face.
Laila Snellman, the founder of Paparazzi modeling agency.

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