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John Carpenter's Starman (1984) is a science-fiction fantasy film directed by John Carpenter that tells the story of an alien (Jeff Bridges) who has come to Earth in response to the invitation found on the gold phonograph record installed on the Voyager 2 space probe.

Directed by John Carpenter. Written by Bruce A. Evans, Raynold Gideon and Dean Riesner (Uncredited).

== Starman ==

Emergency Transmission. Observation Craft Destroyed. Environment Hostile. Completed Symbiotic Transformation. Rendezvous Third Day Landing Area One.
After growing a body to reside in, based on DNA of the dead Scott Hayden.
I mean you no harm, Jenny Hayden.
After removing the clip from her gun.

== Jenny Hayden ==
Don't be afraid. I mean you no harm.
To a raccoon in a home movie the Starman watches.
You want to know what kidnapped is? Its being dragged out of your house in the middle of the night, by some … whatever you are — being forced to drive all night with a gun pointed at your side and not knowing where you're going or what's going to happen to you when you get there. So if you're going to shoot me, go ahead — because I'd rather be shot than go on being scared to death.

== George Fox ==
Do you seriously expect me to tell the President that an alien has landed, assumed the identity of a dead housepainter from Madison, Wisconsin and is presently out tooling around the countryside in a hopped-up orange and black 1977 Mustang?

== Dialogue ==
Radio announcer: According to the AP wire, one of the biggest meteorites in the last 80 years hit last night near Ashland, not far from Chequamegon Bay. So you folks who say you saw a flying saucer over… [Jenny shuts the car radio off]
Jenny Hayden: That's about you isn't it? You really are some kind of … martian or something, aren't you?  What do you want here? What are you doing? What do you want with me? Where are you taking me? Why do you look so much like Scott?
Starman: [starts singing as Scott had done in a film] I can't get no … satisfaction.
Jenny Hayden: That does it. [swerves into the lane of an oncoming van, forcing it off the road, spins her car to a stop, and begins to get out] Help!
Brad Heinmuller:  You crazy sons of bitches! Whats the matter with you?
Jenny Hayden: [her arm tightly held by Starman] Help. Help me please. I'm being kidnapped!
Starman: I send greetings.
Brad Heinmuller: What the hell's going on here?
Jenny Hayden: I'm being kidnapped!
Starman: Greetings.
Brad Heinmuller: You better let her go pal, I'll give you some greetings.Starman: I look like Scott.
Jenny Hayden: Yeah, you do.
Starman: I… Look like Scott … so you do not be... a little bit jumpy.Truckdriver: [seeing Starman watching him as he uses the men's urinal] Every goddamn place you go.
Starman: [smiling cheerfully as he gives the "thumbs up" gesture] Take it easy!
Truckdriver: [giving him "the finger"] Up yours!Starman: [after speeding in front of a large truck] Okay?
Jenny Hayden: Okay? Are you crazy? You almost got us killed! You said you watched me, you said you knew the rules!
Starman: I do know the rules.
Jenny Hayden: Oh, for your information pal, that was a yellow light back there!
Starman: I watched you very carefully. Red light, stop; green light, go; yellow light, go very fast.Starman: Define "Love."
Jenny Hayden: Love is, um … it's when you care … more for someone else than you do yourself.  But its not just that its — its when someone isn't …  a part of you, and when they —
Starman: What?
Jenny Hayden: Scott is dead. He was killed in an accident. When someone you love dies — oh, shit, shit.
Starman: Define "shit."
Jenny Hayden: Don't say that. It's not a nice word.
Starman: Shit.
Jenny Hayden: Don't mind him, he's just learning to speak English.
Roadhouse Waitress: Well, he's got a hell of a start on it!Mark Shermin: [playing the Voyager 2 recordings found in the Starman's ship] "Greetings" — there — see, that is what he said to Heinmuller out on the road.
George Fox:  It's also what the cannibal said to the missionary just before he ate him.
Mark Shermin: Well, I guess the question is who's the missionary, and who are the cannibals?Cook: What's your line?
Starman: Line?
Cook: Work. Whaddya do when you're not hitchin' rides?
Starman: Oh, I make maps.
Cook: Make any money?
Starman: I make maps.
Cook [laughs, mistaking his simplicity for resignation about financial rewards] : You don't get rich cookin' either, believe me!Starman: I must go back. But there is something I must tell you. I gave you a baby tonight.
Jenny Hayden: No. That is impossible, I can't have a child. I've been to a doctor. A couple of them.
Starman: Believe what I tell you. A boy baby. He will be human — a baby of your husband, but also he will be my baby. He will know everything I know and when he grows to manhood he will be a teacher.Mark Shermin: Have people from your world been here before?
Starman: Before? Yes. We are interested in your species.
Mark Shermin: You mean you're some kind of anthropologist? Is that what you're doing here? Just checking us out?
Starman: You are a strange species. Not like any other. And you'd be surprised how many there are. Intelligent but savage. Shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you? [Shermin nods] You are at your very best when things are worst.

== Taglines ==
In 1977 Voyager II was launched into space, inviting all lifeforms in the universe to visit our planet. Get ready. Company's coming.
He has traveled from a galaxy far beyond our own. He is 100,000 years ahead of us. He has powers we cannot comprehend. And he is about to face the one force in the universe he has yet to conquer. Love.

== Cast ==
Jeff Bridges - Starman/Scott Hayden
Karen Allen - Jenny Hayden
Charles Martin Smith - Mark Shermin
Richard Jaeckel - George Fox
Robert Phalen - Major Bell
Tony Edwards - Sergeant Lemon
John Walter Davis - Brad Heinmuller
Ted White - Deer Hunter
Dirk Blocker - Cop number 1
M. C. Gainey - Cop number 2
George Buck Flower - Cook (as Buck Flower)
Ralph Cosham - Marine Lieutenant
Lu Leonard - Roadhouse waitress
Mickey Jones - truck driver

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