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Henry Cuyler Bunner (3 August 1855 – 11 May 1896) was an American novelist and poet born in Oswego, New York.

== Quotes ==
Love must kiss that mortal’s eyesWho hopes to see fair Arcady.No gold can buy you entrance there;But beggared Love may go all bare—No wisdom won with weariness;But Love goes in with Folly’s dress—No fame that wit could ever win;But only Love may lead Love in.
The Way to Arcady. Compare Louise Chandler Moulton, The Secret of Arcady (1892).Ah woe is me, through all my days  Wisdom and wealth I both have got,And fame and name and great men’s praise;  But Love, ah! Love I have it not.
The Way to Arcady (1892).

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