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The numerous deaths across all different media in the Transformers universe have yielded many memorable last words.

== Primax Universal Stream ==

=== Primax 984.17 Alpha ===

==== The Transformers: The Movie (1986) ====
Megatron! Decepticons! [Megatron: DIE, AUTOBOTS!]
Who: Brawn
Note: Said as Megatron who replied "DIE AUTOBOTS!" and the Decepticons attack the Autobot shuttle. Starscream shoots and kills Brawn in the resulting confrontation.NO! [Megatron: Such heroic nonsense!]
Who: Ironhide
Note: Character has been mortally wounded by Megatron, but grabs his heel from the ground in one last attempt to resist him. Megatron replied "Such heroic nonsense", before destroying him with a point-blank shot from his Fusion Cannon.Until that day... till all are one...
Who: Optimus Prime
Note: Character was later resurrected in the animated series.No! I accept your terms, I ACCEPT! [Unicron: Excellent.]
Who: Megatron
Note: In response to Unicron's offer to rebuild him in exchange for his servitude. He was then rebuilt into Galvatron, effectively killing the Megatron version of the character.Megatron? Is that you?! [Galvatron: HERE'S A HINT!]
Who: Starscream
Note: Said to Galvatron who replied "Here's a hint!", before transforming into his cannon mode and firing at Starscream, disintegrating and apparently killing him in a single shot. Character was later resurrected in the animated series.Spare me this mockery of justice!
Who: KranixDecepticons, we're under attack! Scramble!
Who: Shockwave
Note: Said as Cybertron was under attack by Unicron. May not have died.Destiny... you cannot... destroy... my... DESTINY!
Who: Unicron
Note: Said just before he explodes, leaving only his head behind. The head was later resurrected in the animated series.

=== Primax 496.22 Alpha ===

==== Beast Wars (1996–1999) ====
Megatron will reward me for this.
who: Dinobot's clone
note: After assumingly knocking out Dinobot, his clone goes to contact Megatron. Dinobot wakes up, kills and eats him before Megatron arrives.Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truthfully - the ill deeds along with the good - and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence...
Who: Dinobot, "Code of Hero"
Notes: Megatron Later creates a clone of Dinobot, but they are not the same Character.Friend...good. Friend...dark. I...am...hurt.
Who: Transmutate
Note: Transmutate was a greatly damaged transformer with very limited intelligence, great power, and no transforming ability. It was looking at Silverbolt when saying good, and Rampage when saying dark, only Silverbolt, and Rampage, out of both the teams wanted to give it a chance. Transmutate died using its powers to keep Silverbolt and Rampage from killing each other.You've done it, Megatron!
Who: Scorponok
Note: He and Terrorsaur died both a bit later, when their flying platforms collided and both fell in lava.What kind of work?
Who: Terrorsaur, in response to Megatron.Raw Energon! Right through your twisted spark! TAKE IT!! TAKE IT STRAIGHT TO THE PIT, YOU SICKENING PIECE OF SLAG!!!
Who: Depth Charge, said to his archenemy Rampage before destroying him, at the cost of his own life when Rampage's body explodes.
Note: The Pit is the Tranformers’ version of Hell.I was your assignment... and you failed!
Who: Rampage
Note: Said as he prepares to kill Depth Charge, before Depth Charge overpowers and kills him.Farewell, Optimus Primal.
Who: Dinobot 2
Note: Said to Optimus Primal as he chooses to remain aboard the Nemesis as it falls into the ocean. May not have died.Decepticons... FOREVER!
Who: RavageNo! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!
Who: Tarantulas
Note: Tarantulas is attempting to fend off Vok ghosts. They enter his body, and his gunfire causes his own weapons to backfire, incinerating him.I will hold the line here. Go!
Who: Tigerhawk
Note: Said to Optimus Primal, telling him to return to the Ark while he held off the Nemesis. After he attacked it, he was obliterated by the ships fusion cannon.No!
Who: Inferno
Note: Said to Megatron, pleading with him not to fire the Nemesis' fusion cannon at the valley that he was in. He was obliterated by the cannon along with Quickstrike.Ah don' like th' looks o' dis!
Who: Quickstrike
Note: Said when he saw the Nemesis' fusion cannon powering up. Was then obliterated by the cannon, along with Inferno.MEGATRON!!!
The great transformation awaits, Megatron... Prepare to be reformatted.
Who: Optimus Primal
Note: Character actually died twice. The first line is said to his nemesis, Megatron, who had sabotaged Primal's shuttle to kill him. The second line is said to Megatron as they both plummet into Cybertron's organic core, reformatting the planet into a paradise and killing them both.NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Who: Megatron
Note: Said as he and Optimus Primal fall into Cybertron's organic core, where Optimus reformats the planet into a paradise, killing them both. Ironically, Megatron's catchphrase throughout Beast Wars was a drawn out "Yes."

== Aurex Universal Stream ==

=== Aurex 802.23 Alpha ===

==== Transformers Armada (2002-2003) ====
I tried to protect the mini-cons Optimus.
Who: Smokescreen
Source: Transformers Armada, Sacrifice
Note: Said as Smokescreen dies from Megatrons Requiem blaster attack.Just give me a little more power!
Who: Optimus Prime
Source: Transformers Armada, Crisis
Note: Said as Optimus Prime blocks the blast of the Hydra cannon.It's time to finish this once and for all. Activate Proto-Cannons ! You're all mine, Unicron!
Who: Starscream
Source: Transformers Armada, Cramp
Note: Said as he fires his Proto-Cannons at Unicron. Unicron strikes back and desingrates him..Farewell, Optimus Prime. Victory is all yours. Now go look after your men, they need you!
Who: Galvatron
Source: Transformers Armada, Mortal Combat
Note: Said as Galvatron sacrifice his life to destroy Unicron.

==== Transformers Energon (2004-2005) ====
Just look what you've done to me. You will pay for this, Prime! Mark my words, you'll pay.
Who: Demolisher
Source: Transformers Energon, Go for Unicron!
Note: Said as the Autobot space ship destroyed demolisher with its forcefield.I'll be back, an Autobot once again!
Who: Inferno
Source: Transformers Energon, Farewell Inferno
Note: Said when Inferno plunge himself into an energon sun to prevent becoming an evil decepticon because Megatron tries to corrupt Inferno to the Decepticon side.I'm free....
Who: Six Shot
Source: Transformers Energon, Galvatron Terror
Note: Said after Galvatron squash Six shot like a bug.Well, it's been a slice, hasn't it? ...Oh, and Unicron, just for your information: even though you're within me, you will never possess me, for I am... THE MIGHTY GALVATRON! ...Behold! My new world awaits me! Glory to Decepticons!
Who: Galvatron
Source: Transformers Energon, The Sun
Note: Said when Galvatron sacrifice his life by plunging himself into the Super Energon sun.

==== Transformers Cybertron (2005) ====
Galvatron! Say hello to Oblivion!
Who: Starscream
Source: Transformers Cybertron, Showdown
Note: Said when Starscream fights Galvatron which later ends up with Starscream losing  the fight.The universe is saved, and Cybertron shall be restored.
Who: Primus
Source: Transformers Cybertron, End
Note: Said when Primus transforms back into CybertronI still function. You haven't... won. Not while my spark... still burns...
Who: Galvatron
Source: Transformers Cybertron, Unfinished
Note: Said before Galvatron's body disintegrates into smoke after being impaled with Vector Prime's sword.

== Tyran Universal Stream ==

=== Tyran 707.04 Delta ===

==== Transformers (2007) ====
I hate you!
Who: Bonecrusher
Note: Bonecrusher says this when Optimus Prime beheads him. His words are not heard very clearly, though. However, a Decepticon that looks like Bonecrusher is seen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but this is presumably a different character.Oh, shi-
Who: Frenzy
Note: Part of his face is sheared off by his own blades, and he says this line before falling to the ground dead. His head is seen in Revenge of the Fallen in a meat locker/hideout for Seymour Simmons, who states the head is still radioactive.You want a piece of me? YOU WANT A PIECE?! [Megatron: No! I want TWO!]
Who: Jazz
Note: Megatron lifts Jazz to the top of a building, and as the tyrant lifts him up, he yells this before Megatron replies "No, I want two!" and tears him into two as he said. I'll kill you. Mine! ALLSPARK! [Optimus Prime: Sam! Put the Cube in my chest! Now! Sam!! NO, SAM!!!]
Who: Megatron
Note: After being strafed by F-22s, Megatron makes one last attempt to take the Allspark cube from Sam before the human collides it with his spark and extinguishing it. He was revived in Revenge of the Fallen.

==== Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) ====
This is not your planet to rule. The Fallen shall rise again.
Who: Demolishor
Note: Optimus Prime asks if Demolisher has any last words after paralyzing him. He says this immediately before Prime shoots him in the eye.Huh?! NOOOOOOOOO!!
Who: Scrapmetal
Note: When Scalpel needed some spare parts to bring Megatron back to life, he ordered Mixmaster and Long Haul to rip Scrapmetal apart. However, it is unknown if Scrapmetal was killed or not when he was torn apart by Long Haul and Mixmaster. His lights did not go off so he could have survived.We must have ze brain on the table! Chop-chop!
Who: Scalpel
Note: Referring to last audible dialogue, not before dying.No prime please no. NOOOOO!!
Who: Grindor
Note: As Optimus used stuck his energy hooks through his mouth and into his eye socket, he screamed like this before his head was separated into two.Sam... run... ru...
Who: Optimus Prime
Note: Said after being impaled through the chest by Megatron, before dying. He is later revived, however, with the Matrix of Leadership.Sam!
Who: Arcee
Note: She calls Out for Sam before her armor is stripped by gunfire from a Bonecrusher clone.Follow us to the pillars, we'll take you to Optimus.
Who: Elita-1
Note: She said this to Sam, wanting to take him to Optimus so he can resurrect him, but when she turns around, she's shot by the same Bonecrusher clone her sister-in-arms was.
Listen up!
Who: Mixmaster
Note: He said this when he was firing his cannon at the humans until Jetfire comes to the rescue. Jetfire slices him through the stomach and then stomps on his spine, popping his head loose.RUN!!!
Who: Sam Witwicky
Note: Sam said this while running to Optimus Prime's body to bring him back to life with the Matrix of Leadership before Megatron blasts him. His power is subsequently restored by the Dynasty of Primes so that he can resurrect Optimus.All my Decepticon life, I never did a thing worth doing until now... Optimus... take my parts... and you will have a power you've never known. Fulfill... your destiny!
Who: Jetfire
Note: Jetfire says this to Optimus Prime before tearing out his own spark, committing suicide so that Prime can use his parts to defeat the Fallen.DIE, LIKE YOUR BROTHERS! [Optimus Prime: They are you're brothers too! [Optimus fighting Megatron and The Fallen, Meanwhile, Optimus tried to kill The Fallen] You picked the wrong planet! Give me your face! I rise! You fall!]
Who: The Fallen
Note: Said before attacking Optimus Prime, who kills him by viciously tearing his face off and then crushing his spark.

==== Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) ====
Come on, you want some of me?
Who: Jerry Wang
Note: Said right before being thrown out of an office window over twenty stories high by the Decepticon assassin Lazerbeak. What... have... you... done?!
Who: Ironhide
Note: Said after being shot in the back by Sentinel Prime. He is shot again through the spark, drawing his line.I'm gonna kill y-
Who: Starscream
Note: Said to Lennox and Sam while blindly trying to attack them before a chunk of his head is detached by one of Que's weapons.Why did you-
Who: Que/Wheeljack
Note: Said after being shot once and wounded by a Decepticon, before Barricade shoots him again right through the chest, destroying his spine and making his head detach.
Who: Soundwave
Note: Said as Bumblebee jams his gun into Soundwave's chest and fires, destroying Soundwave's brain.I saved a whole other world! You think you're a hero? Huh?! YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO?!
Who: Dylan Gould
Note: Said before Sam responds "I'm just the messenger" and knocks him into the control pillar, which electrocutes him.No! Stop!
Who: Devcon
Note: Gunned down by Bumblebee and the Wreckers after Dylan Gould was slain.Now, we need a truce. All I want is to be back in charge. Besides, who would you be without me, Prime?
Who: Megatron
Note: Said after Cybertron re-warps/implodes- tries to propose a truce to Optimus, but Optimus, knowing Megatron's true intentions, responds with " Time to find out." and kills Megatron by wrenching his head off with his molten ax. Megatron's consciousness is still active within his severed head, and he was consequently resurrected as Galvatron in "Age of Extinction" thanks to the efforts of KSI.NO, OPTIMUS!--
Who: Sentinel Prime
Note: Shouted before Optimus shamelessly destroys his brain with Megatron's shotgun for betraying the Autobots and endangering Earth.

==== Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) ====
Who: Ratchet
Note: After being gunned to pieces by the CIA taskforce Cemetery Wind, the unaffiliated bounty hunter Lockdown offers to let Ratchet heal if he disclosed Optimus' location, only for Ratchet to refuse. In response, Lockdown tears out Ratchet's spark to use as a trophy, remarking "Never is here", leaving the KSI to smelt down Ratchet's head for material to build Transformium drones.Wait! Wait!
Who: Lucas Flannery
Note: Flannery calls the government as they discover the truck they pick up is actually a Transformer in hiding, expecting money. As the Cemetery's Wind soldiers interrogate and chase after Cade, Tessa, her boyfriend Shane, and Lucas to capture Optimus, Lockdown throws a grenade. While Cade and the others escape into Optimus, Lucas is fried alive by the grenade.No! An Autobot! I'm an Autobot.
Who: Leadfoot
Note: Like Ratchet, Leadfoot was gunned down by Cemetery Wind. It is not known if his corpse was also salvaged by KSI.Tough luck, Yeager. We all have family!
Who: James Savoy
Note: Said during his duel with Cade inside a slum, Savoy says this in conjunction to how the latter was hiding Optimus. Cade replies "Yeah, but at least I'm going to live to see mine." then shoves the agent out the window.You see, it takes patience to make a man, the patience to watch and wait, to protect all of us quietly for God and country, without any recognition at all. There are no "good" aliens or "bad" aliens, Yeager! There's just us and them. And you chose them.
Who: Harold Attinger
Note: A businessman who arranges a deal with the bounty hunter Lockdown to kill Autobots and Decepticons alike so they may have possession of an artifact called the Seed, which is capable of terraforming any environment into "Transformium". Throughout the film, he antagonizes Cade Yeager so that he may capture Optimus Prime, alive or dead. As Optimus fights Lockdown in Hong Kong, Attinger confronts Yeager telling him that Cade is essentially betraying humanity by siding with the Autobots. As revenge for Attinger being responsible for the death of his friend Ratchet, Optimus shoots Attinger with his cannon and kills him to protect Cade.You see my face, your life is done!
Who: Lockdown
Note: Said to Cade as he is about to kill him, but Optimus, helped by Tessa and Shane, impales the bounty hunter and runs his sword up out his head.

==== Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) ====
You need a bigger door!
Who: Onslaught
Note: After being free of his imprisonment by Megatron he keeps quiet so he doesn't anger his master whilst at his side. Drift and Crosshairs kill him together.Aw, that's not right!
Who: Mohawk
Note: After Nitro Zeus and Megatron transform and retreat, Mohawk and Onslaught get lost and try to find them and they split up. Onslaught goes to a parking lot and Mohawk goes to a different parking lot and Bumblebee finds him and blows up his body. It is not known if this killed him.You blew your chance to kill Unicron!
Who: Nitro Zeus
Nitro Zeus says this to Optimus as if to taunt him, but dies as Bumblebee clings onto his back and blows his face to pieces.

== Malgus Universal Stream ==

=== Malgus 1207.26 Alpha ===

==== Transformers Animated (2007-2009) ====
So this... is what it feels like... to be a hero...
Who: Optimus Prime
Source: Transformers Animated, Transform and Roll Out, Part III
Note: Said after falling several hundred feet from an altercation with Starscream. Shortly (literally seventy five seconds) afterward, Sari's Allspark key reformats him and boots him back online.Ow! Ow! You are giving me a splitting processor-ache! Ow, ow, ow!
Who: Starscream
Source: Transformers Animated, Endgame, Part II
Note: Jazz and Prowl gather in all the fragments of the Allspark, including the one embedded in Starscream's head. Starscream tries to save himself by blasting the Autobots, but the fragment in his head is ripped out and he then falls to the ground, permanently offline.Can't... pull in... any more fragments... Only... one way...
Who: Prowl
Source: Transformers Animated, Endgame, Part II
Note: He sacrifices his own spark to save Detroit by creating a All Spark-powered forcefield big enough to stop an explosion from a Starscream-programmed Lugnut Supreme. His corpse is brought back to Cybertron.

== Uniend Universal Stream ==

=== Uniend 911.05 Alpha ===

==== Transformers: Prime (2010-2013) ====
So, where's your master?
Who: Cliffjumper
Note: Asked Starscream this before the Seeker burst his chest open with his claws.Air superiority: Achieved.
Who: Skyquake
Note: Last words after scanning Agent Fowler's jet and before Bumblebee catches hold of him in midair and rips out vital wire, causing him to nosedive and explode.Oh, no.
Who: Makeshift
Note: The Autobots had planted a bomb on Makeshift so he would explode when he left their base.About half a click from the depot due north. Think ya can find it, partner?
Who: Tailgate
Note: Last words to Arcee when she asks what his position is. He is later captured and killed by Airachnid.Easy prey.
Who: Breakdown
Note: Last words as he corners an injured Airachnid. His arm is however webbed by an Insecticon and Airachnid dismembers him with her spider legs.Perish, Bulkhead!
Who: Starscream's first clone
Note: Last words before Bulkhead beats him to death out of fury.Ignore! Fire on three!
Who: Starscream's second clone
Note: Said while surrounding Megatron with the other three clones and they hear the Insecticons attacking. Megatron then kills him, along with two of the other clones.One...
Who: Starscream's third clone
Note: Said when Starscream's clones are counting down, ready to shoot and destroy Megatron. They are interrupted by the ship shaking and Megatron then kills him along, with two of the other clones.What was that?
Who: Starscream's fourth clone
Note: Said when the Decepticon ship gets hit. Megatron then responds "The sound of the tables turning" and shoots him, before killing two of the other clones.You... knew... I would attempt to terminate you.
Who: Starscream's fifth clone
Note: Said when he tries to shoot Starscream from behind but Starscream shoots him in the chest. Starscream then kills him.Your spark will now belong to Megatron!
Who: Hardshell
Note: Hardshell tries to rip out Wheeljack's spark, only to be killed via missile attack, fired at him from the Jackhammer by Miko.The logical evolution of MECH's experiments in biotech. Your brain, fused with the donor's nervous and skeletal systems.
Who: MECH's Surgeon
Note: The Surgeon successfully merged Silas's brainwaves with Breakdown's dead body. Silas, seeing no more use for his MECH operatives, kills them all, including the surgeon.One which I cannot follow.
Who: Dreadwing
Note: Dreadwing goes against Megatron's order to stand down and attempts to kill Starscream for destroying his brother. Megatron then blows a hole through his chest with his own laser cannon, killing him.No... Thank... you...
Who: Silas/C.Y.L.A.S.
Note: After C.Y.L.A.S. (in Breakdown's body) goes into a Dark Energon-induced rampage, he frees Airachnid, who was trapped in a stasis pod. After they fight, he is killed by Airachnid. She thanks Cylas for freeing her, to which he responds with this and dies immediately afterwards.Prepare to join your scout in the Allspark!
Who: Megatron
Source: Deadlock
Note: After terminating Bumblebee, Megatron attempts to kill Optimus with the Dark Star Saber when Bumblebee suddenly appears and impales him with the normal Star Staber. His body then falls over the edge and down to Earth. However, he is partially resurrected when his body is possessed by Unicron in the film Predacons Rising.Above all, do not lament my absence. For in my spark, I know that this is not the end, but merely a new beginning. Simply put, another transformation.
Who: Optimus Prime
Source: Predacons Rising
Note: Optimus is about to merge with the All Spark to restore Cybertron at the end of the movie, but not before giving his final speech to his fellow Autobots.

== Unknown Universal Streams ==

=== Transformers: Cyberverse ===
This is my planet! Besides, I may not have been fast enough back there.
Who: Blurr
Source: Terminal VelocityMegatron, please!
Who: Starscream
Note: As he is beaten up by the damaged Megatron for abandoning him in their temporary base which ended up exploding. Megatron blasts him through the chest in tank form, shutting him off temporarily.