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Iggy Arbuckle is a Canadian animated children's television series, shown on Teletoon (Canada), ABC Kids (Australia) and Jetix UK (United Kingdom). The show is about a white pig with the same name as the title, who is a special, fictional type of forest ranger called a "Pig Ranger".

== Quotes by episode ==

=== Iggy Vs. the Volcano/A Dip in the Pole ===
Iggy: Okay, you were right! A volcano is not the best place for a picnic!
Jiggers: A volcano is not the best place for anything!Zoop: You know, I'm all for trying new things and everything, but wouldn't it be better to use actual dogs to pull a dog sled?
Iggy: These tortoises are specially trained!
Jiggers: And, no one else answered our ad.

=== The Things We Do for Mud/How Much Wood Can a Wood Pecker Peck? ===
Iggy: And what are you supposed to do when you happen upon a nest of condor eggs?
Catfish Stu: Beat them until they're light and fluffy! [Iggy and Jiggers gasp]
Robear: Non non non non! Zat is ze pancake recipe!
Robert: Oh! Sorry, sorry... [Begins reading the correct instructions]

=== The Beaver Who Would be King/I am Iggy, Hear Me Snore ===
Jiggers: [Upon realizing his adjustments to Old Rusty caused Iggy's nasal septum to get displaced, which led to Iggy's snoring] I hereby relinquish any claim to geni - uh - osity!!

=== Idle Worship/There's Something About Berries ===
Iggy: We're going to head to Mango Tango Beach!
Jiggers: I wonder if I have time to update my will?Spiff: [To the geese] Hey, take it easy!  Don't have a hissy fit, just picking up trash here! And speaking of trash, [leans in] do I ever have some trashy gossip! [The geese are interested] You know the black swan over the pond? She's been dying her feathers for years! Of course, she's not the only one around here with secrets...Iggy: Okay Jig, on the count of three! One, two -
Jiggers: Two and a half, two and three quarters...
Iggy: [Rolls eyes] Go! [Both try to flip into the bushes via shovels used as catapults, and land on the window]
Jiggers: Iggy? Just so you know, I'm picking the next plan.Catfish Stu: Nice try fellas, but you've got to get up early in the morning to fool this catfish.
Iggy: It is early in the morning, Stu.
Stu: My point is that you lost, and I won! Now go away, my chef is here, and you're not invited to breakfast!Iggy: Okay, Plan B. We don't have a Plan B! Time to come up with a Plan B!
Spiff: Iggy, it's too late.
Jiggers: [Tearfully] No! It can't be! We can still save the bushes before they're turned into Stu's muffins, or jam, or crepes - [brightens up] Is anyone else hungry?

=== Yawny Come Lately/Petition Impossible ===
Yawny Yump-A-Lot: I am sick of people making light of my illustrious... illustriousness! You demean my... demeanor![Iggy asks the Great Bamzeani what Yawny wants from them]

The Great Bamzeani: [Yahank?] It's the stuff that has been... [Shmeaka] The one who was seen... [Frank] With the chompers that gleam!
Iggy: Hmm... stuff that has been - I think that means ancient history. Chompers that gleam... Jiggers!
Jiggers: What? Just because I have excellent dental hygiene?
Iggy: Your guide on the history of the Kookamunga! That's where the answer lies!Jiggers: Okay, I checked my history guide, and I found this. Repeat after me: You've...
Crowd: [Balancing on top of each other with their underwear on the outside] You've...
Jiggers: Been...
Crowd: Been...
Jiggers: Yumped!
Crowd: Yumped!
Catfish Stu: What!?
Zoop: What?
Iggy: What?Catfish Stu: [Upon learning that the new highway will block the tourists from his adventure camp] This highway is an abomination! Give me that! [Takes the petition and forces the crowd to sign]
Iggy: Now that's a first! Stu's actually trying to save the Kookamunga!
Catfish Stu: That's not a signature! It's a scrawl! Write neater!

=== Paradise Found/Luck Before You Leap ===
Jiggers: We really appreciate being in your salamander city!
Iggy: Jiggers, they're chameleons.Jiggers: I don't get it. What's so important about a toothpick?
Iggy: Okay, I'll tell you: Ozwald was my good luck toothpick.
Jiggers and Zoop: Ozwald? [chuckle to each other]
Zoop: Iggy, there's no such thing as luck. There's only karma; whatever you do, good or bad comes back to you.
Iggy: Yeah, you're probably right. [knocks into a stack of cans and stumbles] What do you call that - karma?
Zoop: No; clumsy.Iggy: We have to get him to open his mouth! Try talking to him. [Begins squawking like a seagull]
Jiggers: Oh please, not that!
Iggy: Oh, you have a better plan? [Resumes squawking]
Jiggers: Fine. [Squawks weakly]
Iggy: Come on Jiggers! Put some umph into it! [Both start squawking loudly] [Jiggers accidentally steps on Iggy's hoof] Ow! Owowowooooowwww! [The seagull opens his beak and flies away]
Jiggers: How did you know "Ow! Owowowooooowwww!!!" was seagull for "Open your mouth!"?

=== The Fish Who Came for Dinner/Courage Under Fur ===
Catfish Stu: Helooo! I'm a fish, and I'm thirsty! What's wrong with this picture?Jiggers: [Catfish Stu belches after drinking a soda] Maybe you ought to cut down on the soda.
Catfish Stu: But hammocking is such thirsty work!
Jiggers: Well at least remember to recycle them!
Catfish Stu: Good idea; I'll definitely take that into consideration!
Jiggers: And could you please use a coaster?
Catfish Stu: [Belches]

=== Lights, Camera! Distraction!/Fish and Chip off the Old Block ===
Iggy: You're like a bull in a china shop! [[[wikipedia:List of Iggy Arbuckle characters #Barry Bullevardo|Barry]] begins to cry] Aw, no! I didn't mean it like that!
Barry: I am sorry. I am just sensitive about that term!Robear: [To the wild animals] Be gone, or I will make a soup out of you! Wis garlic and rhubarb, and ozzer zings zat are none of your business!Catfish Stu: The kid's a genius! Why can't you two be more like that?
Robear: Because, I am not a pig?
Robert: Oh, uh, I can try boss! Uh, meow! Meow! [Robear smacks him]

=== Any Friend of Yours/Miner Misfortunes ===
Iggy: [Catfish Stu has said he will hire a mining crew to work the gold out of the Mine-all Mine] We have to stop him! We'll appeal to his sense of decency!
Jiggers: You might want to have a Plan B.

=== The Way of the Skunk/I Fought the Laundromat ===

=== Tower of Beaver/A Bird in the Hoof ===
Zoop: Do we have to be called "firefighters"? It sounds so pushy!
Spiff: What about "hose-warriors"?
Zoop: That's even worse! How about "fire counsellors"?
Spiff: We're supposed to extinguish the fire, not listen to its problems.
Iggy: [Across the street; he is checking the alarms in all of the buildings] Uh, I have a problem! I'm half done and you haven't even started!Catfish Stu: [Seeing that his kelp burgers have caught on fire] My kelp burgers!
[The fire explodes everywhere.]
Robear: [Even though none of them have been hit] I tink we are supposed to stop, drop, and roll!Catfish Stu: [As the parrot squawks falsehoods about his camp] Shut up, you crazy parrot!
Robert: [Upon arriving with Robear] Uh, you called, boss?
Robear: [Removes his beret and bows] Oui, Catfish Stu?
Catfish Stu: I said crazy parrot, not lazy ferret!Iggy: Don't you know that poaching parrots isn't allowed?
Robert: Dah, we're not. We're just losin' him like Catfish Stu said!
[The parrot squawks something.]
Robert: Dat is not true!
Iggy: Then why would he say that? Parrots imitate what they hear; they don't make stuff up!
Robear: Well zis one does! 'E is a very befuddled bird! [Snorts and walks off-screen. He comes back] Okay! [to Robert] You are supposed to walk off and go [snorts again] wis me! You 'ave ruined my exeet!

=== Prince of the Kookamunga/Voyage to the Bottom of the Lake ===

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