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Everlast (born Erik Schrody on August 18, 1969, in Valley Stream, New York) is an Irish-American rapper and singer-songwriter, best known for his hit "What It's Like", and for his genre-crossing mix of rap and acoustic-based rock music.

== Quotes ==

=== Whitey Ford Sings the Blues (1998) ===
Gotta kill these painsOr blow out my brainsTo free me from these chainsI'm trapped in this physical hellTo walk again I just might sell my soulAnd I'm only twenty somethin' years old
"Painkillers"So if you've had enoughand are ready for your standI'll be waiting withthe stone that's in my hand.
"Stone in My Hand"

=== "xxlmag.com interview" (2009) ===
My eventual thing is like hopefully cats will really recognize that everything I’ve done that they considered outside of hip-hop, really was hip-hop at the end of the day and that maybe at the end of the day, I would love to be the guy that killed the word "genre".

=== "Hill-Man Morning Show WAAF interview" (2009) ===
My main beef with what's going on right now is this freaking autotune stuff.. It's really ignorant, I don't even get it..It's like, you know my dog
could bark into a microphone and I could get it to sound like Lil' Wayne.

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