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George Granville Barker (26 February 1913 – 27 October 1991) was an English poet and author.

== Quotes ==
To be so closely caught up in the teeth of things that they kill you, no matter how infinitesimally kill you, is, truly, to be a poet: and to be a poet in fact it is additionally necessary that you should possess the tongues and instruments with which to record this series of infinitesimal deaths.
"Therefore All Poems Are Elegies" in New Poems : 1940 : An Anthology of British and American Verse (1941) edited by Oscar Williams, p. 15

=== The True Confession of George Barker ===
I, born in Essex thirty-fourEssentially sexual years ago,Stepped down, looked around, and sawI had been cast a little lowIn the social registerFor the friends whom I now know.Is a constable a mister?Bob's your uncle, even so.

=== Turn on your side and bear the day to me ===
Turn on your side and bear the day to meBeloved, sceptre-struck, immuredIn the glass wall of sleep. SlowlyUncloud the borealis of your eyeAnd show your iceberg secrets, your midnight prizesTo the green-eyed world and to me.

=== Summer Song ===
My one, my one, my only love,Hide, hide your face in a leaf,And let the hot tear falling burnThe stupid heart that will not learnThe everywhere of grief.

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