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Versus (2000) is a Japanese action/horror film directed by Ryuhei Kitamura. The film is noted for its wry sense of humor, numerous nods to other films, and a side-plot that is completely irrelevant to the film, which ultimately helped it gain a cult audience in Asia and overseas.

== Prisoner KSC2-303 ==
Here's the thing, I'm a feminist.I didn't mean to save you. They just pissed me off.On your way to a party? Or are you trying to promote hoodlums?Don't touch my girl, fuckin' asshole!

== Dialogue ==
The Girl: You're no different from those men.
Prisoner KSC2-303: They're bastards, I'm not.Prisoner KSC2-303: I'd rather die than live with you.
The Villain: Then die.[after knocking one of the villains out]
The Girl: I was only trying to help.
Prisoner KSC2-303: Help? I don't need any help.[after disarming The Beard and keeping him in an arm lock]
The Beard: Wait!
[Short-haired female assassin punches him]
The Beard: You're not..
[she punches him again]
The Beard: You're not..
[she punches him again]
The Beard: Let me talk, bitch!Prisoner KSC2-303: I don't know you so fuck off.
The Villain: Your soul does.The Fighter: Prisoner KSC2-303!
One-Handed Cop: Give me my right hand back!
[Prisoner KSC2-303 throws a severed hand using his sword. The One-Handed Cop catches it only to find it was a left hand]
One-Handed Cop: What's the big idea?! THIS IS A LEFT HAND--
[Prisoner KSC2-303 shoots the One-Handed Cop through the head with his Barrett rifle]
The Fighter: You can't hit me with your slow bullets! I have reflexes 500 times faster than Mike Tyson's! COME ON!!!
[Prisoner KSC2-303 fires his Barrett. The Fighter tries to dodge the bullet...]
The Fighter: Oops!
[...way too fast, killing him]

== Taglines ==
Witness a battle no one has ever seenA forest to hell comes alive with death.Beware the past, fight the present, fear the future

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