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Gholam-Reza Aghazadeh (born March 15, 1949) is an Iranian Politician. Aghazadeh served as the Vice President for Atomic Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the president of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran up until July 2009.

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If a certain country conducts uranium-related activities in a certain plant, the bombing of that plant is forbidden. If such a disaster occurs, America would not be able to show its face for all eternity.
UCF and Natanz Facilities Are Built in Tunnels Deep Underground in a Mountain; Bombing Would Not Cause Radioactive Contamination(February 2006)Now that Iran has entered into production of nuclear fuel on an industrial [scale], there will be no limit on the production of nuclear fuel in Iran.
Aghazadeh: We Are Aiming to Operate 50,000 Centrifuges (April  2007)

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