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The Malfated are a UK band from London, England. They were formed in 2002.

== Band member quotes ==
As a human being I am lost, and as an artist I am looking for answers. Yet the lost look toward me, the artist, for answers. It’s kind of fucked up in a way, and I wish I could do more to help, but I have a hard job looking after myself, let alone other people
Karl Steiger, malfated.comWhy is something so ordinary, mundane and natural so fucking terrifying?
Karl Steiger on death, malfated.comHere, let me define 'funny' for you - some guy in his 60s singing 'hope I die before I get old'. Now that's entertainment.
Karl Steiger, malfated.comI’ve often heard people complain, ‘Oh, well, there are only seven notes, it’s hard to come up with an original tune’. Well, boo hoo. But I’ll tell you something - there are over a million words in the English language and there is no justification for shit lyrics.
Karl Steiger, malfated.com

== Song Lyrics ==

=== Rat Candy (2006) ===
We reproduce - our flesh, our blood, our boneBut when we die, we enter death alone...
TomorrowFortune helps those who help themselvesThe time is here for funeral bellsTreat me as befits a knaveCast me to an unmarked grave.
To The Body BrokenCandy sticks and cigarettesLadies and gentlemen, cast your betsToday's the day that somebody diesToday's the day when I will rise... -
To The Body BrokenWelcome, one and all, to the amazing Dr. Pibb'sHe'll make a penis from a buttock and a woman from a ribAnd if you've lost your follicles and wish that you were deadhe'll take hairs from your testicles and sew them on your head
Dr. PibbLaying in a bed in a room in Texas Propped up reading Miller's ‘Sexus’Scotch on the side and a Pentagram ashtrayGirls on the floor from last night's roleplaySmoke a cigarette, risking cancerThat's just me, I'm a bit of a chancerA knock on the door says it's time to goTime to get this road on the show...
The Company of Strangers

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