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== Shadow Warrior (1997) ==
First-person shooter Computer game

=== Lo Wang ===
"Oh, like I scared of little snake!"
"Tch! Son of a bitch!"
"I am the Shadow Warrior."
"You no mess with Lo Wang!"
"Who wants some Wang?"
"A ninja knows no fear."
"Pain is for the weak."
"You made another stupid move!"
"You look like a stupid!"
"Try hunting both of us!"
"It is natural to die."
"Sayonara, scumbag."
"You are tiny grasshopper."
"Who put these here!? Ow!"
"It is good day to die. Ha-Ha"
"Just like Hiroshima."
"Just like Nagasaki."
"Oh, damn, I'm running into walls now!"
"Oh, better zip fly."
"Everybody dead. I like that."
"Ahh, better than acupuncture."
"Ancient chinese secret."
"Oh, must be American made."
"You drive like a baboon in heat."
"You very bad man."
"This is not a charade."
"Dying time's here."
"Eat this, pencil dick!"
"You can't evade me forever."
"I stick a firecracker in your ass."
"Haha, call me Mr. Fix It!"
"That's no ordinary wang."
"You do that you go blind."
"Two wangs are better than one."
"Hello, is your refridgerator running? Better catch it!"
"Tora, Tora, Tora!"
"Uh oh, look like Lo Wang need to cut back on sushi."
"No, can't use this, this won't fit on my finger."
"Before you attack her, wrap your wacka!"
"Whoa, must be American made."
"Just like Pearl Harbour."
"Revenge is dish best served raw."
"Oh you little tiny dick."
"I am a man with a tool, make a special acupuncture for you!"
"This not tournament, this for real!"
"No pain, no gain. Hahaha!"
"No way, water cold"  (USE on some toilets)
"Lo Wang need to cut back on Sushi"  (Floating Fortress level/medical bay/USE the scale)
"Hmmm... no power!"  (Trying to turn on the lights)After killing an enemy using a sword:

"Oh, split personality!"
"Oh, look, you coming apart!"
"You half the man you used to be!"After killing an enemy using fists:

"You blocking with your head again!"
"I hope you were paying attention."
"It's all in the reflexes."
"How's that for kung-fu fighting you chicken shit?!"
"I Kill you!"After causing a large explosion:

"Holy cow!"
"Holy pieces of cow!"
"Holy shit!"
"Holy pieces of shit!"
"Like Chinese New Year fireworks!"
"Holy cow! Look like Duke Nukem! HAHAHA!"
"Takusan balls, sukoshi penis."After hitting an opponent with a sticky bomb:

"Look, you have a new friend!"
"Oh ho ho, sticky bomb like you!"
"Sticky Bomb meet Mr. Stupid."
"Better watch out; it go boom!"When speaking to a woman who is bathing:

"Lo Wang soap you good."
"Woops, Lo Wang drop soap, you bend over get it, hahaha."
"Those real tits?"
"Do you want to wash wang? Or do you want to watch Wang wash wang?"When speaking to a woman who is using a toilet:

"What you eat anyway baby?"
"Haha, you go poo-poo, hehehe, uh, I leave room."
"Hello, what died up here?"
"Hey baby, pull my finger! Hahaha!"When speaking to a woman mechanic:

"Hey, baby, you polish too?"
"Hey, chicky, you tighten my nuts?"
"Lo Wang's drive shaft need service."
"So, you good with hands?"When speaking to a woman in a car showroom:

"You got something with a big backseat, two people horizontal?"
"How about a test drive, doll?"
"See my stick shift? In fast gear, hahaha!"
"Whoa, baby, what's up your tail pipe?"When speaking to woman (Sailor Moon parody) on a ship:

"Hey peaches, how bout you moon me? Hahaha."
"Hey, since you already in bed, well..."
"Hey baby, you in bed? Is there room for two?"
"You good lookin' sailor babe."When speaking to an older woman:

"Lady, somebody beat you with ugly stick!"
"Maybe if I close eyes it go away!"
"Ooh, Lo Wang wish somewhere else now!"
"Lo Wang's gonna womit now..."When seeing rabbits mate:

"Having fun little Rabbit? Ha ha!"
"Horny rabbits, hahaha."
"Push in the bush there rabbit, haha."
"Oh, queer bunny."
"Oh you faggot rabbit."Insults that can be played at any time and heard by other players:

"You move like a pregnant yak."
"You are so stupid! You cannot find ass with both hands!"
"You not very good with hands - try DICK!"
"Quit jerking off! Come fight me!"
"I am sitting here, getting stiff!"When selecting or obtaining various weapons:

"I like big weapons."
(Shuriken only) "I love the shuriken!"
(Sword only) "I like sword - that's a personal weapon."
(Sword only) "There can be only one."
(Dual uzis only) "Be proud, Mr. Woo."
(Railgun only) "Time to get erased."
(Nuclear warhead only) "I like nuclear weapons."Played once at certain spots in certain levels:

"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, whoa, I think my dinghy hanging out."
"Lo Wang is coming for you little snake coward!"
"Go Speed Racer Goooo!"
"She's raided her last tomb" [after finding Lara Croft chained to the wall of a prison cell]
(To serpent god) "Hey! Come back here and finish fight!... Ugly, scaly, snake... shitface."
"Hmm, something flooding or dinosaur taking piss."
"Must be here rat, because I trapped like one."
"No cell can hold this wang!"
"You are weak as a baby fart, go live in fear."
"Knock knock you freak, Lo Wang in the house!"
"Hmph, rather kick ass than solve puzzle."
"Ohh, smell remind me of old girlfriend."
"Burn baby burn, flames are gettin' higher!"
"Eeyuuh, stink like dead baboon in here."
"Heh, this no movie, Mr. Chan."
"Welcome to real life, Mr. Chan."
"That's no ordinary rabbit."

=== Fortune say: ===
"Sorry, you no win this time, try again."
"Baseball wrong.  Man with 4 balls cannot walk."
"No man is island, except Lo Wang."
"You should kill all business associates."
"You should not scratch yourself there."
"Man who stand on toilet, high on pot."
"Man who buy drowned cat pay for wet pussy."
"Don't you know you the scum of society?!"
"Man trapped in pantry has ass in jam."
"You never going to score."
"You try harder get along. Be a nice man."
"Your chi attracts many chicks."
"Man who fart in church sit in own pew."
"It is better to have loved and lost than to have loved and got syphilis"
"There is much death in future."
"(c)1997, 3DRealms fortune cookie company."
"Courtesy is contagious. So is Gonorrhea"
"Having sex is like playing bridge, If you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand."
"Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and the world laughs at you."
"No one ever died from a broken heart. But a heart sliced from their chest while they looked on screaming? Not gonna lie. That's killed a couple people."
"All men eat but fu man chu"
"This is my katana, this is my gun. One for killing, the other's for... OK, the other's also for killing."
"The good news: You're not paranoid. The bad news: Everyone is actually trying to kill you."