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Yacht rock is a fictionalized online show developed for Channel 101 following the lives and careers of certain soft rockers in the late 1970s and early 1980s. 

== Michael McDonald ==
"The smooth grooves of this song will make it to at least Number 2.""You wanna come over? James Ingram and I are getting wasted and writing smooth music.""What did you say? Yah mo' be there?""Kenny snuck into the studio to record a song for Hollywood? Dear God, I hope it's smooth!"

== Kenny Loggins ==
"You're drowning in the past, Mike. But I've got your life vest right here: it's called the 80's, and it's gonna be around forever!""Fuck you! You're not Koko.  Koko's dead as shit."
"When a friend is drowning in a sea of sadness, you don't just toss him a life vest, you swim one over to him."

== Hollywood Steve ==
"Oh hi! I'm Hollywood Steve. You've caught me relaxing in my music nook.""Oh hi! I'm Hollywood Steve. You've caught me basting some lamb shanks.""Oh hi! I'm Hollywood Steve. You've caught me taking a shit.""Oh hi! I'm Hollywood Steve. You've caught me attending the funeral of a loved one.""Oh hi! I'm Hollywood Steve. You've caught me murdering a homeless woman.""Oh hi! I'm Hollywood Steve. You've caught me making love.""Oh hi! I'm Hollywood Steve. You've caught me becoming estranged from my spouse.""Hi, I'm Hollywood Steve. I'm ready for you this time."

== Gino Balzarelli ==
"So what'll it be, Mikey? Are you gonna take it up the ass? Or take it to the streets!"

== John Oates ==
"Shut the fuck up! All of you, shut the fuck up! Hall and I will not stand idly by while you California vagina sailors stab the American airwaves in the balls with your shit... music.""Gino will get you anything you need: fame, fortune... vagina.""Get your dick out of your heart! Do you even know what the kids on the street are listening to? Disco, motherfucker!"

== Walter Becker ==
"Donald says, 'Koko's not truly dead until the smooth music is.'"

== Donald Fagen ==
 "Eat bat, prick!"

== Steve Porcaro ==
"Alright Toto, I've done some research, and I've found out that the root chakra is my taint. That means she really wants to fuck me."
"Now, in the unlikely even that this plan should fail, I will turn to you, my brothers in Toto, to help me write a song so smooth and awesome that Rosanna Arquette will have no choice but to fuck my brains out."

== Dr. Dre ==
"Come on Amnesia Jack, you're a Doobie Brother... Michael McDonald, one smooth motherfucker!""That's gonna be some good-ass banana bread."

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