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Groo the Wanderer is a fantasy/comedy comic book series written and drawn by Sergio Aragon├ęs, rewritten, coplotted and edited by Mark Evanier, lettered by Stan Sakai, and colored by Tom Luth. Groo was one of the first widely successful creator-owned comics, one of the few successful humorous comic books (outside Archie Comics) during its time, and one of the longest running collaborations in comic book history. Sergio Aragon├ęs Domenech (born 1937) is a cartoonist and writer probably best-known for his contributions to Mad magazine.

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There once was a barbarian --  Who roamed about the plains --  And used the power of his sword --  To substitute for brains.
Minstrel; Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in the World, p. 8 (approx.)His mighty swords are in his hands --  His eyes are flaming red --  He doesn't have a bit of fear --  Or brains inside his head.
Minstrel; Groo: The Most Intelligent Man in the World, p. 16 (approx.)You think you can confuse Groo by giving him two things to think about at once!
Groo; Groo & Rufferto, p. 10Maybe I could get a job collecting taxes! Then I would earn money so I could pay those taxes! That is how government works!
Groo; Groo & Rufferto, p. 27I want my dog back! I would give you until the count of five if I could count to five!
Groo; Groo & Rufferto, p. 97

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