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Northern J. Calloway (January 22, 1948 – January 9, 1990) played David on Sesame Street from 1971 through 1989, and also voiced Muppet characters such as Same Sound Brown.

== Quotes ==
Help! I'm David of Sesame Street, and they're trying to kill me!
While experiencing an episode of bipolar disorder. Hilman, Randy (1980-09-20). "Sesame Street Actor Charged In Neighborhood Rampage Here". Nashville Tennessean. 

== About ==
I wanted an autograph from Northern Calloway, when we were in Stony Lodge together, I asked and was dragged away. He was the only celebrity I met as a kid. I still remember, the sheet over his face, his body on a stretcher. And the only food for thought that would feed my head was like my childhood, David from Sesame Street was dead.
Cage, who was also a patient of the Stony Lodge facility where Calloway stayed briefly, in the song "Tongue in a Shark's Mouth" (2009).