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Frank J. Gaffney Jr. (5 April 1953 –) is the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy.

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The question is, will he have Republicans in charge who want to help him succeed, or will he have guys who, you know, we’ve been wrestling with for whatever it’s been now, the past four or six years, who have been more concerned about getting along with the Democrats than in trying to respond to this popular sentiment and protect our Republic against the global statists.
Frank Gaffney: Trump Foreign Policy Must Start with Designating Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization (9 November 2016)This sharia supremacist agenda, which is the destruction of those that they believe Allah has said are enemies, are vile, and the most heinous of the infidels – whether it’s homosexuals or whether it’s Jews or whether it’s women, feminists and the like, all of these are people you’d think the left would be all about protecting because they are, after all, core constituencies on the left, but instead, they are turning on them. They are turning a blind eye to them in some cases, at the very least and at worst, they’re actually encouraging Islamists to think that with the left’s support, they’ll be able to oppress – and ultimately, hopefully, they think – impose sharia here.
Frank Gaffney: For the Left, ‘Little Girls Mutilated in Their Genitals Are Less of a Victim Class’ Than Sharia Supremacist Imam (26 July 2017)

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