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Nund Rishi (9 April 1378 – 12 March 1439 AD), also known as Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani and by the honorary title Alamdar-e-Kashmir, was a Kashmiri Sufi saint, mystic, poet and Islamic preacher.  Nund Reshi was among the founders of the Rishi order, a Sufi tradition of the region. He influenced many spiritual teachers and saints, including Hamza Makhdoom, Resh Mir Sàeb, and Shamas Faqir.

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Adam akay ta byun byun war —Ak layi mukhta ta ak layi na harTsandun ti dar, arkhor ti darArkhor asi na barkhurdar.
Man is the same [but] of different qualities;One is worth a pearl, another is not worth a shell.Sandal is wood, arkhor is wood, [but]Arkhor is not of any use.  1
The Indian Antiquary, November 1933, p. 216
Adana archana karay no me TasWuni pyom tsetas greki vizi nun.
I performed no devotion to Him (God) in my younger days;Now, at the moment of boiling (food), I have remembered (to obtain) salt. I.e., too late.
The Indian Antiquary, November 1933, p. 216
Akis ditut narma ta khasay,Akis jandah palas nay,Akis ditut barni-nyasay,Akis tsur ay doran Lhasay.
To one Thou (O God) gavest shawl and linen,To another not even a rag quilt.To one Thou (O God) gavest (enough for enjoyment) just near his own house door,To another thieves came running from (such a long distance as) Lhasa (and stole all he possessed.
The Indian Antiquary, November 1933, p. 216
Arah-balan naga-rada rovSadha ror tsuran manzMuda gharan gora Pandita rorRuza hansa ror kuran manz.
A spring has been lost in the streamA saint has been lost among the thieves.A deeply learned man has been lost in the house of fools:A swan has been lost among the crows.
The Indian Antiquary, October 1929: "A Life of Nand Rishi by Pandit Anand Koul ", p. 197 

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The Indian Antiquary, Bombay, British India, November 1933

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The Indian Antiquary: "A Life of Nand Rishi by Pandit Anand Koul", Bombay, British India,  October 1929