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Creepshow 2 is a 1987 American comedy horror anthology film and the sequel to Creepshow. Unlike the first film, Creepshow 2 only contains three stories instead of five. Originally, two additional stories, Pinfall and Cat from Hell, were set to appear in the film, but were scrapped due to budgetary reasons; however, the latter has been filmed for Tales from the Darkside: The Movie. The film was Dorothy Lamour's final film before her death in 1996.

Directed by Michael Gornick. Written by George A. Romero.

== The Creepshow Creep ==
I've never seen anyone so impatient, Billy... as if your life depended on getting the first copy of the presses.
Welcome, kiddies, to another edition of Creepshow. It's amazing that you bores and ghouls keep coming back for more. You must be glutton for punishment, eh? Well... I guess you bloodsuckers enjoy being repulsed, eh? You're loyal to the gore. Well, that's good. We don't want to be dead wood in our fraternity of fright fest. That just happens to be the subject of our first norsky novella, a nasty little bonecracker titled "Old Chief Woodenhead".
Well, kiddies, that was quite a price for young Sam Whitemoon to pay... toupée, eh?
Still here, kiddies? Well, if "Old Chief Woodenhead" didn't drive you away, you might enjoy this next splintering tale whittled from the same wormwood. It's a splashy little ditty about some people who are left stranded without a paddle on a sea of blood. This bubbly bonbon is titled "The Raft".
Well, swimmers, that was um... slick, eh?
Young Billy knows his way around town. They won't catch him in a hurry. I think we've got time for one more quickie concoction, a last morbid masterpiece which I call "The Hitchhiker".
There's a lesson for you, kiddies. Never pick up hitchhikers... on the hood of your car! Well, it's time for this boogeyman to boogie! I'll be slaying you, bores and ghouls! 'Til next issue, try to stay scared. Oh... I almost forgot about young Billy. I think he's coming this way... with his friends.

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=== Prologue ===

=== Old Chief Wood'nhead ===

=== Interlude 1 ===

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