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Donald Calloway (29 June 1972–) is a Roman Catholic priest and author based in the United States.

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The world needs holy men today, especially fathers–both biological fathers and spiritual fathers, priests and bishops. Today many men are confused about what it means to be a man, a husband, and a father. Addictions to pornography and entertainment (especially sports) have consumed the lives of men around the world. Furthermore, for those who want to try and break free of the cycle of cultural brain-washing, education and career systems have been put in place to beat down any traditional understanding of strong male leadership, determining and classifying traditional manhood as toxic. This has left many men feeling emasculated and adrift in a society that views their fatherhood and leadership as dispensable. We need St. Joseph to serve as the model for men (fathers, husbands, and clergy) today. From St. Joseph they learn to be servant leaders, sacrificial and chivalrous men not afraid to confront the darkness, slay spiritual dragons, and combat the politics of death.  If St. Joseph is the Terror of Demons (and he is), all men are called to resemble him and also be a terror to the forces of evil.
St. Joseph and Father’s Day: An interview with Fr. Donald Calloway (June 20, 2020)

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