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The Hindu Human Rights (HHR) is a United Kingdom-based organisation, stating as its aim "educating people about human rights of Hindus". This group maintains a website which reports otherwise ignored news about persecution of Hindus or destruction of temples. This group also publishes articles concerning Hindus and their human rights. 

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Some NRI-PIO organizations created in the 21st century explicitly adopt the Voice of India line. One is the Hindu Human Rights group in London, founded by Arjun Malik, a streetwise performing artist, and Ranbir Singh. Their answer to the humourless RSS and its equally humourless secularist critics is to "put the fun back into fundamentalism". The HRR publishes an on-line paper and occasionally stages demonstrations on matters of Hindu concern, such as human rights in Bangladesh. Interestingly, it has also joined hands several times with Muslim groups on matters of common interests or against common enemies. On the challenge of the Christian missions, it has monitored and promoted scholarly studies, outgrowing the simplistic Hindutva positions current in India and the diaspora, which tend to confuse "Christian" with "white", as if the world and the Churches hadn't changed since decolonization. It interacts critically with the official pan-Hindu platforms and with the British multiculturalism authorities. These sometimes solicit its views, knowing that it represents a really existing and growing segment of opinion in the British Hindu community. Typically, the HHR sometimes cooperates with Muslim organizations on matters of common concern, all while staying away from the usual Hindu platitude that "all religions essentially say the same thing". Human understanding does not require suspension of the mental power of discrimination.
Elst, Koenraad (2012). The argumentative Hindu. New Delhi : Aditya Prakashan. p.250

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