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Priti Sushil Patel (born 29 March 1972) is a British Conservative politician and has been MP for Witham since 2010. She is currently Home Secretary and was Secretary of State for International Development from 2016 to 2017.

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Capital punishment [could] serve as a deterrent. I do not think we have enough deterrents in this country for criminals – let’s not forget that murders, rapists and criminals of that nature choose to commit the crimes that they commit.
Said during a Question Time debate. Quoted by the Independent. Priti Patel MP: Who is the new Treasury minister who supports death penalty and rejects plain packaging for cigarettes? (15 July 2014)While my actions were meant with the best of intentions, my actions also fell below the standards of transparency and openness that I have promoted and advocated. I offer a fulsome apology to you and to the government for what has happened and offer my resignation.
Said in her resignation letter to Theresa May in November 2017 after she had unauthorised meetings with Israeli officials while Secretary of State for International Development. Priti Patel quits cabinet over Israel meetings row (8 November 2017)There is still time to go back to Brussels and get a better deal.
Patel comments on no-deal Brexit in Ireland criticised (7 December 2018)We must seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity offered by the end of free movement
Written in an article in the Mail on Sunday. Quoted in the Evening Standard and the Socialist Worker. New Home Secretary Priti Patel reveals plans for tougher borders with or without Breixt deal (28 July 2019) and New Tory government will be even more hostile to black people (30 July 2019)I want them [criminals] to literally feel terror at the thought of committing offences.
I want criminals to be terrified, says Priti Patel: New Home Secretary vows to return to zero-tolerance policing as she demands full explanation over bungled 'Nick' sex abuse inquiry (2 August 2019)The Conservative Party is the party of law and order. Full stop. The defence of our nation, defence of our streets and law and order are at the heart of our values.
I want criminals to be terrified, says Priti Patel: New Home Secretary vows to return to zero-tolerance policing as she demands full explanation over bungled 'Nick' sex abuse inquiry (2 August 2019)Modern policing must of course be visible policing and that means community policing, localised policing and having police visibility that police officers are empowered to do their jobs. For too long we’ve had our police forces, police officers tied up with regulation and bureaucracy. I want them to feel free to get on and do their jobs, I want them to know that we will support them.
Said in an interview with the Braintree and Witham Times. Priti Patel interview on stop and search, knife crime, social spending and terror comments (14 August 2019)I'm sorry if people feel that there have been failings.
Response when asked if she would apologise for the lack of PPE for frontline workers at a Downing Street coronavirus briefings (11 April 2020)What happened to these children remains one of the biggest stains on our country’s conscience.
Grooming gang ‘characteristics’ research to be published after government U-turn (19 May 2020)It's a stronger strain of the virus in the sense that it's more transmittable, it's a bouncy virus.
Speaking to Sky News and referring to the strain of SARS-Cov-2 which became prevalent in London in December 2020  Sky News Website 22 December 2020

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Being a person of colour does not automatically make you an authority on all forms of racism. We write to you as Black Asian and Ethnic Minority Labour MPs to highlight our dismay at the way you used your heritage and experiences of racism to gaslight the very real racism faced by Black people and communities across the UK.
A group of 12 ethnic minority Labour Party parliamentarians, including Indian-origin Virendra Sharma, Tan Dhesi, Preet Kaur Gill, Valerie Vaz, Seema Malhotra and Nadia Whittome, wrote to Priti Patel on 11 June 2020

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