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Wikidata is a free knowledge database project hosted by Wikimedia and edited by volunteers.

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State of Wikidata - giving more people more access to more knowledge one edit at a time
Lydia Pintscher, Wikimania 2015 presentationTo explain and motivate [Wikidata], we have often asked the simple question: "What are the world's largest cities with a female mayor?" … [A]n answer can now, finally, be given.
Markus Krötzsch, World's largest cities with a female mayor :-), Wikidata mailing list, April 2015[It’s] a backbone of the web of data,If you are interested in data, it is better than search. It would be oversimplifying Wikidata to call it search. [There] you are matching the string, Wikidata’s web of knowledge is far more powerful than string matching
Kat Thornton, Yale University Library "The promise of Wikidata" (10 February 2021)Until Wikidata can give me a list of all movies shot in the 60s in Spain, in which a black female horse is stolen by a left-handed actor playing a Portuguese orphan, directed by a colorblind German who liked sailing, and written by a dog-owning women [sic] from Helsinki, we have more work to do.
User:Tobias1984, Wikidata project chat, December 2013

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