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Bert & Ernie Sing-Along is a Sesame Street album released in 1975 and 2018 that involved the entire cast of humans, cartoons, other characters and Muppets doing a sing-a-long in Bert and Ernie's bathroom. The songs and dialog were recorded exclusively for this album and not reused on the show or another record (though a couple of songs were included on later albums). It was released for the public.

== Transcript ==
Bert: Oh, yes! Now I love taking a bath! Ha-ha! Faith'r and I went down to camp, A-long with Cap-tain Good-In And. And there we saw a thous-san men, as rich as Squire... - Da- Vid; And,
Ernie: Hey Bert!
Bert: Ernie, can't you see I'm taking a bath? What do you want?
Ernie: Oh I love that song you were singing there Bert.
Bert: Oh thank you Ernie! It's called "Yankee Doodle".
Ernie: Oh! Well you see Bert I brought in this piano so I can join in in your singing!
Bert: Oh Ernie that's very nice of you but
Ernie: Oh come on Bert! Let's do it!
Bert: (sigh) Ernie, I refuse to sing along!
Ernie: Oh come on Bert just sing along!
Bert: Ernie I will not sing along!
Ernie: Bert come on!
Bert: No Ernie no!
Ernie: Come on Bert!
Bert: Ernie get out!

== Quotes ==
Bert: Ernie, I do not want to sing along!Ernie: Come on, Bert! You have to!Bert: Oh Ernie!Everyone: Sing! Sing a song!
Tigger: Hello everybody! My name's Tigger, T-I-G-G-E-R, that's spells Tigger!
Winnie the Pooh: I'm Pooh!

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