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Molly of Denali is an animated television series created and produced by Atomic Cartoons and WGBH Kids for PBS Kids and CBC Television.

== Tag line ==
Molly: Mahsi' choo! Let's go!

== Dialogue ==
Molly: [to camera] Hey everyone, it's me Molly! So, there's this canoe race in Alaska where different schools compete in three person teams, and I realized HEY! Tooey, Trini and I are three people!
Tooey: Hi!
Trini: Howdy!
Molly: So we formed a team called...
Molly, Tooey and Trini: The Qyah Canoers!!
Molly: And we're filming our first practice to show you how amazing we already are!
[Molly puts the camera on the tripod and gets on the canoe with Tooey and Trini.]
Molly: Okay, Qyah Canoers. [rows the boat with an oar] Forward ho!
[Molly, Tooey and Trini grunt as they row the canoe]
Molly: No, Trini, the other forward!
Trini: I thought THIS was forward!
Tooey: No, that's starboard.
Molly: Star-what?
Trini: I thought this was star...
Molly, Tooey and Trini: [falling off the canoe] WOAH!
[The canoe has flipped upside down. The kids swim up, now all soaked.]
Molly: [sighs] That was not what I meant by amazing.[an outside view of the library]
Daniel: Hmmm... Sorry, Molly. The library doesn't have a record of native names.
Molly: This is IMPORTANT information! There should be books about it.
Daniel: I agree, but no one has written one yet.
Molly: [sighs] I guess I'll have to go around town and find out for myself.
Daniel: Good luck!

=== Movie ===
Baby Natalie: Crying

== Cast ==
Sovereign Bill as Molly Mabray
Sequoia Janvier as Tooey Ookami
Vienna Leacock as Trini Mumford
Jules Arita Koostachin as Layla Mabray
Ronnie Dean Harris as Walter Mabray
Lorne Cardinal as Grandpa Nat
Adeline Potts as Auntie Midge
Ellen Kennedy as Singing Moose, Video Voice, and Connie
Luc Roderique as Daniel, Announcer, and Cowboy on TV
Michelle Thrush as Shyahtsoo, and Aunt Merna
Shawn Youngchief as Mr. Patak, Maurice, Finnegan Guy and Olin Benedict
Katrina Salisbury as Nina
Rhonda Rees as Barb
Pamela Jones as Sadie Albert
Nyla Carpentier as Atsaq
Taran Kootenhayoo as Randall
Pawaken Koostachin-Chakasim as Oscar
Cynthia De Pando as Lucia
Damon Sky Taylor as Ben
Hyuma Frankowski as Kenji
Tai Grauman as Mrs. Marsh
Anna Dickey as Vera
Brendan Sunderland as Jake
Clay St. Thomas as Travis, and Mr. Rowley
Rebecca Shoichet as Dr. Antigone
Rukiya Bernard as Violetta Lawrence

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