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Pixel Perfect is a 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie. It aired in the United States on January 16, 2004.

== Dialogue ==
Samantha: She's just a trick of light.
Loretta: And you're nothing but water and a few pounds of chemicals! Maybe a few more pounds than you *really need.*
Samantha: It's not fair! I can't even smack her!Loretta: Why would you want Samantha anyway? She's not like me. She's not perfect.
Roscoe: She doesn't have to be.
Loretta: Are you saying you love her because of her imperfections?
Roscoe: Yes! Because of everything she is, and because of everything she's not.Loretta: Perfect. Ugh! I hate that word! If I'm so perfect, why do I feel so limited? I mean, look at this place you've created. You're so lucky. Samantha, you get to be the dreamer, but all I'll ever be is the dream.
Samantha: I never thought of it that way.

== Cast ==
Ricky Ullman as Roscoe
Leah Pipes as Samantha
Spencer Redford as Loretta Modern
Porscha Coleman as Rachel
Tania Gunadi as Cindy
Nate Stevens as Max McAllister
Joyce Cohen as Dr. McAllister
Anthony DiMaria as Weldon Giles
Chris Williams as Daryl Fibbs
Max Robinson as Moxley
Mike Peterson as Steele
Michael Patrick as Mom

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