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Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 | MainCold Case (2003–2010) is an American CBS police procedural television series. The series revolves around a fictionalized Philadelphia Police Department division that specializes in investigating cold cases.

=== Rampage [4.1] ===
Mr. Coutler: Well it's easier for you to pretend we're monsters isn't it?
Detective Valens: Excuse me?
Mr. Coutler: Just like the newspapers did, the TV. What everyone forgets - that day, we lost a child too.Davey: I kinda lost my trust in people after that. I guess that's why I ended up here. [Davey works at a horse stable].Cameron Coutler: [Aiming a shotgun] Smile for the camera, sucker. [Fires, hitting Lewis in the waist]
Barry Lewis: [Pleading] Hey! Hey! Heyyyy! Hey!
Neil: Let 'im bleed. [Cameron pauses, then turns and leaves.]Davey: You don't understand. I would've done anything for Tina... because all I ever wanted was for her to like me. But I let her down when she needed me the most.Lilly: For every gun that's fired someone can't be in an enclosed room, or walk, or see their child again. It's not just you who pays, Tina. It never is.Tina: They were little kids, they were moms and dads... and they never hurt anybody!
Lily Rush: And it didn't matter to Cameron and Neil, they were human time bombs, just waiting to go off.
Tina: And I lit the fuse.Tina: Hey, guys. You want to make a porn film? Bow chicka-bow-bow!
Cameron Coutler: Girlfriend's seriously tweaked.
Tina: Or I could film you, killing everyone. You're always talking about it, so do it already!
Neil: Okay man, let's get outta here. [Neil starts to leave; Cameron holds up a hand]
Tina: What, you scared or something?
Cameron Coutler: How about I kill you first?
Tina: Then who's gonna make you famous, big boy?
Cameron Coutler: Girl's got a point.
Neil: So what's the plan? Cameron?
Tina: Kill 'em all. Kill everybody! [Cameron grins]
Cameron Coutler: Get the camera.

=== The War at Home [4.2] ===
Kat Miller: (about her daughter) She's pouting because I wouldn't let her come with.
Lilly Rush: 8-year-old wants to see a crime scene?
Kat Miller: She's a weird kid.Lilly Rush: In my family, cooked pretty much meant whatever was spinning under the heat lamp at 7-Eleven.Brenda: You said it was about Dana. Did you find her?
Scotty Valens: Her arm, we're thinking the rest of her might be dead.
Brenda: Missed the sensitivity training did ya?Scotty Valens: Your husband's overseas, Paula?
Paula: Ass-deep in the Sunni Triangle.
Lilly Rush: Not exactly a garden spot.
Paula: Desert air must appeal to him, he keeps re-enlisting.Paula: You probably think I'm some bimbo home-wrecker.
Scotty Valens: Pretty much.Dana: A little girl. And they tell ya, you see anyone in the road, you, you just run 'em down.
Geoff: Even a kid?
Dana: They use the kids to get the convoys to stop. I didn't see a trap, I saw a little girl who could've been Lindsey, so I slowed down and that's when we got hit.
Geoff: Dan...
Dana: Typical girl soldier right?
Geoff: That wasn't a girl thing, it was a human thing. I would've done the same.

=== Sandhogs [4.3] ===
Det. Jeffries: They say if it's deeper than a grave, a sandhog dug it.
Det. Vera: Looks like this poor schmuck might have dug his own.Lilly: You know your sandhog history, boss.
Lt. Stillman: The neighborhood I grew up in Lil, you either became a cop, a fireman, or a sandhog. I got this thing about being burned or buried alive.Kat Miller: Back then, people stuck it out, even if it didn't make sense.
Alice: Just the times. He was still married and white, and I was neither.

=== Baby Blues [4.4] ===
Frannie Ching: Some people say SIDS doesn't really exist. Babies don't die for no reason.
Lilly Rush: But...
Frannie Ching: But you can't say for sure. Med school taught me we know less about life and death than we think.Molly Felice: They said we could have it all: family, husband, career. They just didn't say how.Brie Romeo: Believe me, the babysitter knows all your dirty secrets. The Felices had some big ones.Molly Felice: The world's such a dangerous place for a baby and I'm not a good mother.

=== Saving Sammy [4.5] ===
Scotty: You don't like yellow, do you, Brent?
Brent: Three red flakes, two blue, one green, no yellow.
Scotty: Not my favorite color either.
Brent: Well, now that we got that settled.Lilly: I'm here to say goodbye, Ray.
Ray: Like goodbye goodbye? Like sayonara, adios forever?
Lilly: This isn't a joke.
Ray: Who's laughing?Lilly: Don't leave, Joseph, please.
Joseph: Look, I'm not your consolation prize.
Lilly: I don't want to be alone!
Joseph: Maybe you do. (walks away)

=== Static [4.6] ===
Bones: Teenage boppers always did love "The Hawk".
Vera: Sounds like he did some loving back.
Kat: The kind that gets you arrested.
Vera: Or shot in the head with a .38.The Hawk: What's your kind of dream Jenny?
Jenny: Getting out of this town.
The Hawk: Going where?
Jenny: Anywhere.
The Hawk: That's a nice place, Anywhere, I've been there myself many times.

=== The Key [4.7] ===
Bill: This is a member's only establishment.
Vera: So's police headquarters, how about we check down there instead.Allison: I wasn't happy Libby was banging my husband, but somebody had to do it, right?Libby: You've got your whole life ahead of you, you can do anything that you want. Just don't wait till it's too late.Libby: All my life I've been somebody's daughter or wife. Always someone else's somebody. I never had the chance to just be me.

=== Fireflies [4.8] ===
Vera: Thanks for sharing, now git before I drop kick you out of here.Cherise: You said we'd be friends forever.
Melanie: No such thing as forever.Scotty: (to Melanie) And that's why he bought you into the woods, you were brave.
Lilly: In a world that wasn't.

=== Lonely Hearts [4.9] ===
Lilly: You think it's impossible he could've been interested because of how she looks.
Vera: Yeah, Lilly. Impossible.Eugenia: One day you're on vacation in Denial City, next day you're in a prison of your own stupidity.

=== Forever Blue [4.10] ===
Brogan: Cops didn't do that in the old days, not when you came on the force.
Stillman: Department has changed a lot.
Brogan: Have you changed, Lieutenant?Jimmy: That was just talk, we're cursed with this thing.
Sean: My folks, been married forever right. But whatever they had died years ago, and I look around and I see everyone like that, staying because of the church, because it's expected, because they got nowhere else to go. Cursed? We're the lucky ones, Jimmy.Lilly: The world back then didn't understand. You believed it was wrong, but that kind of thing comes around once in a lifetime and you got to hold on, or you'll lose it. Coop was right, you were the lucky ones, Jimmy.

=== The Red and the Blue [4.11] ===
Garrett: (holding up a gun) You know what this is, folks?
Jeffries: Besides the obvious.Stillman: Scotty hates country.
Jeffries: That's just wrong. I'll loan you come CDs.
Stillman: "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy."
Jeffries: "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off."
Scotty: Can hardly wait.Kylie: That Truck was a looker. I'd never take out someone fine as him.
Kat: Tight alibi.Ty: Someone's got a chance to rise up, you gotta get out the way.

=== Knuckle Up [4.12] ===
Scotty: We got a name on that kid that was the ringleader of this fight club, it's Cole Palmer, senior, aka Ares.
Vera: Ares was the Greek god of War. Rawfodog spelt backwards, god of war.
Scotty: So the same kid posted the video?
Vera: Not bad, huh?
Scotty: Yeah dude. You really need a girlfriend.Cole: Oh, that's right. Only cops get to beat the crap out of people.

=== Blackout [4.13] ===
Tad: She had no power over me.
Kat: Mothers always have power, whether you like it or not.

=== 8.03 AM [4.14] ===
Lilly: You need a reason to open a job.
Kat: No-one left to speak for Skill, for Madison. Except us, maybe that's reason enough.Toomey Nelson (to Kat): Yo, baby girl. Where them stilettos and the tube top?
Kat Miller: Yeah, well. I be respectable now.Shirley Reed (to Madison): I just... wanna not feel things anymore. So just let me do that, OK?
Madison: I wanna go home. Please, mom.
Shirley Reed: It's just like heaven here, sweetie. Don't you see how pretty it is? We're in heaven.Shirley Reed: Madison used to give me that look, too. So disappointed in me...again.
Lt. Stillman: Looks like you got clean.
Shirley Reed: I tried so many times. But if addiction was a battle, rehab was war.(When Michael and Skill find Madison in the house with the meth addicts)
Skill: Hey. Hey, your boyfriend here. He came to bring you home.
Madison: There's nothing for me there.
Skill: Nothing for you here, either. (finds a meth vial on Madison.) Yo, come on. Get on up! You don't belong here. You're just a kid.
Madison: So are you.
Skill: Me and you... we're worlds apart.

=== Blood on the Tracks [4.15] ===
Lt. John Stillman: (barking) Miller! In here. Now. (Kat looks at Scotty, slightly panicking, and walks into the lieutenant's office.)
Kat Miller: What's up?
Lt. Stillman: (showing her a juice box) How in the hell do you open this thing?
Kat Miller: There's this new device called a straw.
Lt. Stillman: Straw? (Kat rips the straw from the side of the box and unwraps it.)
Lt. Stillman: I didn't see that.
Kat Miller: Why don't you let the four-year-old show you. Hey, Sean. How 'bout some juice, buddy?
Sean: Sure. (Stillman examines closely as Sean plunges the straw into the juice box and takes a sip.)
Kat Miller: (to Stillman) You wanna go interview a murder suspect or something, boss? Calm yourself down?Tom Zimmerman: I was already home.
Jeffries: Alone?
Tom Zimmerman: Yeah.
Nick Vera: Great alibi, Z. Did the butler do it, too?Johanna: I thought it was you and me against the world.
Jack: It still is. Let's do this together, be strong with me, Jo.
Johanna: You always were the strong one.
Jack: It isn't strength. It's like I don't have a choice.
Johanna: No choice... I think I understand now.

=== The Good-Bye Room [4.16] ===
Lilly: Could be someone was keeping it secret.
Barbara: Who?
Lilly: Someone with a secret of their own.Karen: You're a nutjob if you think any of us are going to put our legs in those torture devices.
Sister Margaret: If you'd kept your legs together in the first place you wouldn't be here.

=== Shuffle, Ball Change [4.17] ===
Vera: Looked up your record Carlos, you got a long history for using your fists freely.
Lilly: They got a word for that, sweetheart.
Carlos: Passionate.
Lilly: Homicidal.

=== A Dollar, a Dream [4.18] ===
Scotty: Environmental group found it, testing the bottom of the lake.
Lilly: For what?
Scotty: The stuff... they test for.

=== Offender [4.19] ===
Lilly: Bound? You're saying the guy was pushed?
Stillman: He was a registered sex offender.
Scotty: (sarcastically) Oh, that's a darn shame.Scotty: Your thing?
Ernie: My preference was blond-haired boys, ages eight to twelve, slight build, introverted. I was always very specific.
Vera: Gee, I guess we're way out of line here.

=== Stand Up and Holler [4.20] ===
Vera: Just made the Varsity cheerleading squad, popular, pretty, lots of friends. Who'd want to kill someone like that?
Kat: I would.Becca: Losers are so pathetic, spend all their time projecting their ugliness onto other people. It's sad really.

=== Torn [4.21] ===
Philippa: It hurts to even think about.
Francis: It hurts not to.

=== Cargo [4.22] ===
Stillman: Might be the key to solving this guy's murder.
Scotty: And catching a ghost.

=== The Good Death [4.23] ===
Lilly: Mom, the doctor said if you drink anymore you're going to die. It's that simple.
Ellen: Doctor has it backwards, I die if I don't.Amelia: I think they were angels waiting to take her to the other side, to Heaven.
Jay: I might be headed to a different neighborhood.
Amelia: Hell is only for people who have forgotten how to love.

=== Stalker [4.24] ===
ADA Alexandra Thomas: The older kid, the daughter, survived a bullet to the head.
Lilly: I can't decide if that's lucky or not.