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Crocodile 2: Death Swamp, called Crocodile 2: Death Roll when broadcast on TV, is a 2002 American horror film directed by Gary Jones and released directly to DVD on August 1, 2002. The film is a loose sequel to the 2000 film Crocodile. It was filmed in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, India. The film features the two surviving crocodiles from the first film.

Directed by Gary Jones. Produced by Boaz Davidson, Frank DeMartini, Danny Dimbort, Avi Lerner and Trevor Short. Written by Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch.

== Dialogue ==
[Max and Roland are flying in the helicopter. Max still has his gun out]
Roland: You don't need that gun no more.
Max: Shut the fuck up and fly the fucking plane, you stupid fuck![Max is about to hijack the plane, the thugs pull guns from their shoes and advance toward the cockpit]
Max: [pushing Mia aside] Get the fuck out the way, bitch!
[Max enters the cockpit and puts the gun to the pilot's head]
Max: Keep on your flight path, motherfucker![Max has just accidentally shot a hole in the plane's controls and the plane is slowly going down]
Pilot: [talking to the plane] Come on baby, stay with me, stay with me!
Max: Shit! Fuck!
Squid: Shiiiit!
[The plane is now right above the water]

== Cast ==
Heidi Lenhart as Mia Bozeman
Chuck Walczak as Zach Thowler
Jon Sklaroff as Sol
Darryl Theirse as Max
David Valcin as Justin Reynolds
James Parks as Squid
Martin Kove as Roland
Steve Moreno as Brian
Billy Rieck as Pete
Anna Cranage as Julie Landon
Dan Martin as Pilot
Sean Euro as Sean

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