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Sin City Diaries is an American erotic series featured on Cinemax during their "After Dark" schedule.

== Angelica ==
You think you know Las Vegas... the lights, the action, the excitement. There's a Vegas you've never seen before – my Vegas. My name is Angelica, and I deal in dreams. And because everyone has a little sin in them, the next dream fulfilled could be your own.

== Episodes ==

=== In Capable Hands ===
Angelica: With so many people in the world, how do you know when you've found the right one? You get better odds at the craps table. But Erica and Tommy know it doesn't just happen. You choose to make it work. Guess that's why they call it commitment.

=== Chorus Dreams ===
Angelica: Life's routine often keeps us from being ourselves, but there's really never any reason to stop stoking the fires of desire.

=== Con Man ===
Angelica: Experience enough in life, and eventually every song seems to remind you of a lover you once knew. And every street corner becomes a wrong turn you once made. But our past doesn't have to define us. Sometimes it's just a stop along the way.

=== It Almost Didn't Happen One Night ===
Angelica: It's nice to see that some things never change. Too bad we're only that young once.

=== The Midnight Show ===
Angelica: She never knew for sure who my grandfather was. Maybe Harry, maybe Nick. But in her heart, it was always Harry. And maybe that's all that really matters.

=== Girl's Intuition ===
Angelica: Sometimes even the most loving couple can find themselves in a rut. We all do it. We stop seeing what's right in front of us and stop listening to our inner selves. When that happens, a healthy dose of Sin City or mother nature is all we need to set us straight again.

=== Michiko Gets a Makeover ===
Angelica: Love. It's the same the world over. Sometimes we need a little help to recognize that the perfect person is right under our nose.

=== To the Extreme ===
Angelica: Everyone knows you have to fight to get the things you want out of life. But what they don't tell is how hard you have to fight to keep them.

=== Portrait ===
Angelica: Choices. We all make them. But sometimes the hardest choice of all is letting a person we love make the wrong one.

=== Good Enough to Eat ===
Angelica: Love is like cooking. At one point or another, everyone is bound to get burned. But with so many dishes to try, it's always worth taking another bite. And anyway, what are you gonna do? A girl's gotta eat.

=== Boss's Daughter ===
Angelica: A pair of star-crossed lovers who have missed the chance at happiness. But sometimes, with a little help, the stars can be made to light up again.

=== Angelica Needs a Vacation ===
Angelica: Serendipity? Coincidence? Dumb damn luck. Sometimes, when you open yourself up to the unexpected, the most wonderful things can and do happen.

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