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Killer Fish is a 1979 Italian-French-Brazilian horror film about jewel thieves who attempt to recover treasure from piranha infested waters.

Directed by Antonio Margheriti. Written by Michael Rogers.

== Dialogue ==
Kate Neville: Have you ever broken it before?
Hans: Probably.Hans: Are you sure there's no German blood in you?
Kate Neville: Hm-hm. I win my wars.

== Cast ==
Lee Majors as Robert Lasky
Karen Black as Kate Neville
Margaux Hemingway as Gabrielle
Marisa Berenson as Ann
James Franciscus as Paul Diller
Roy Brocksmith as Ollie
Dan Pastorini as Hans
Frank Pesce as Warren
Charles Guardino as Lloyd
Anthony Steffen as Max
Fábio Sabag as Quintin
Gary Collins as Tom

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