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Secret of the Masters is a 2011 animated short film from DreamWorks Animation. The short consists mostly of a traditional animation (17 minutes), which was created by Duncan Studio.

== Dialogue ==
[Excited, Po spots a nearby silver sword on a stand and runs over to it]
Po: Look, the sword Master Ox used to defeat the Macau Marauders! [He picks up the sword and plays with it a little bit] I had no idea it was so shiny!
Tigeress: Put that back!
[Po puts the sword back and moves on to the bamboo staff standing next to it]
Po: And the staff Master Rhino used to liberate the village of Wenshen! [He playfully swings the staff around as if fighting off villains] I had no idea it was so staffy!
Mantis: Staffy?
[Po puts the staff back and spots a hanging purple cape with a white emblem]
Po: No way! And the cape Master Croc used for... for... [He falters] Well I don't know what he used it for, but let me tell you something... it made him look really cool.
Tigress: Goodnight Po!
[With Mantis on her shoulder, Tigress begins walking away. Po notices them leaving and runs after them]
Po: Come on! How can you even think of going back to sleep when this close to.. [He suddenly gasps upon catching sight of a large black container, it's metal doors wide open to reveal an empty space] The Sarcophagus of Su Wu!
[Tigress and Mantis glance at Po in confusion]
Tigress: Su what?
Po: Wu!
Mantis: Who?
Po: Su Wu!
Tigress: Who's Su?
Mantis: No clue!
Po: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... you haven't heard of the Wu Sisters?
[Tigress and Mantis shrug]

== Voice cast ==
Jack Black as Po
Angelina Jolie as Tigress
Dustin Hoffman as Shifu
Randall Duk Kim as Oogway
Seth Rogen as Mantis
Todd Berger as Pig Server
David Cowgill as Flying Rhino
Donald Fullilove as Gorilla Guard #1
Dennis Haysbert as Young Storming Ox
Joseph Izzo as Little Birdie
Tony Leondis as Young Croc
Edie Mirman as Mother Bunny
Sumalee Montano as Su Wu / Wing Wu / Wan Wu
Michelle Ruff as Money Bunny
Paul Scheer as Young Thundering Rhino
Paul Vogt as Piglet Announcer

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