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Vida Guerra (born 19 March 1974) is a Cuban-American model and actress.

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[A year after going vegetarian] I feel really healthy, and it works on so many different levels, including the condition of my skin.
"PETA makes a veggie statement at Capitol for National Hot Dog Month", interview with SHFWire (14 July 2010)Animals shouldn't be used, tortured in any kind of way. … So what I would say to my fans is to … get more information about it because anyone that has a heart will have compassion towards them. And just change your thought process, and in changing that, we might change the whole world.
"Model Vida Guerra's Naked Photo Shoot", video interview with PETA (21 March 2011)I’m Cuban, so we grew up eating meat. But I didn’t like it. I’d say, ‘Rice and black beans is just fine with me.’ But my mother, you know, would say, ‘Tu estas muy flaca!’ Then one day I saw my dad kill a chicken and ever since then I was grossed out by chicken.
"Nude Vida Guerra Ad Pulls the Caliente Card to Raise Money for PETA", Fox News (25 March 2011)

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