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James William Nantz, III (born May 17, 1959) is an American sportscaster, known primarily for his work with CBS Sports television.

== Quotes ==
“	Hello, friends! (Nantz's usual opening line on broadcasts)
“	The Bear...has come out of hibernation. (final round of 1986 Masters, referring to Jack Nicklaus)	”
“	There was a wizard in the stands and some magic on the floor (After UCLA won the 1995 National title in basketball. He was referring to John Wooden, the legendary coach of UCLA.). As Jim Harrick and UCLA now can hang a banner in Westwood. (referring to UCLA's tradition of hanging only national championship banners at Pauley Pavilion).	”
“	There it is, a win for the ages! (1997 Masters, referring to Tiger Woods)	”
“	Just when everybody says you can't, you can, and U-CONN has won the national championship! (1999 NCAA Basketball Championship Game, Connecticut vs. Duke)	”
“	And you can leave it to Cleaves! He has reinstated the Magic at Michigan State! (2000 NCAA National Championship Game)	”
“	Yes you May. (2000 PGA Championship)	”
“	There it is -- as grand as it gets! (2001 Masters)	”
“	That's it. Duke has the Championship! And Coach K is the proud father of three in more ways than one. (2001 NCAA National Championship)	”
“	Is it his time?...Yes!..At long last!" (2004 Masters, as Phil Mickelson made the tournament-winning shot for his first major)
“	A tradition unlike any other, The Masters on CBS.(Used annually during promos for and coverage of the tournament, although not always by Nantz)	”
“	Y.E YES... Y.E Yang has won the PGA Championship!" -- Nantz as Y.E. Yang hits his birdie putt to defeat Tiger Woods and win the 2009 PGA Championship.	”

“That's a win for the family." (As Phil Mickelson seals the 2010 Masters with a birdie on the 18th hole on Sunday)
“The greatest upset in the history of this tournament is going to happen." (In anticipation of #16 UMBC's victory over #1 UVA in the first round of the 2018 NCAA men's basketball tournament)
“Superlatives: you can't come up with enough. Absolute, incredible performance. Shock and awe in college basketball -- UMBC make history in Charlotte!"