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Sentenced was a Finnish heavy metal band that played melodic death metal in their early years. The band formed in 1989, in the town of Muhos, Finland, and broke up in 2005.

== Song lyrics ==
So came the Spring, came the lightand gave farewell to the wintery icenow all is gone this is the end,this snow in May reminds me...Funeral... funeral time again... funeralso came the Winter and the Summertimesforever gone as all love for liveblank the shroud upon the groundthe shadows cast so pale...Funeral Spring is nowI watch you bury me downfuneral time againlonging to fly...Funeral Spring is realwhite as the ghostly veil on the groundfuneral time againsomeone has died againfuneral time is nowand you bury me down belowfuneral time againI'm longing ... to fly ... again...
Funeral Spring, music: Taneli Jarva & Sentenced, words: Jarva, From the album Amok, 1995. Century Media 77551-2

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