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Frosty's Winter Wonderland is a 1976 animated Christmas television special and a sequel to the 1969 special Frosty the Snowman produced by Rankin/Bass Productions and returns writer Romeo Muller. The special premiered on ABC on December 2, 1976.

== Frosty the Snowman ==
I sure do miss all those boys and girls. I... I... I’ve been up here such a long time, I told them I'd be back again someday. But when will someday come? [a flier blows into his face, reads] "City a Winter Wonderland: First snow of season." Hey! Someday's today!
Oh we'll be back you'll see now come on there's no time for long faces.

== Jack Frost ==
Winter never has to end. With me around, this fun can go on forever!

== Dialogue ==
Frosty the Snowman: [singing] Oh, what fun it is to ride in a 1-horse open sleigh...
Child: But Frosty, there are 2 horses.
Frosty: Oh. I can never count.Child: Can you make a figure 8, Frosty?
Frosty: I can try. [goes out skating]
Chorus: [singing] Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump.Look at Frosty skate.Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump.Making a figure... [Frosty ends up making a...] 9?!
Child #3: You were right, Frosty. You can't count.Frosty: She's beautiful. Uh... what's her name?
Child: Um... Cleopatra?
Children: Nah.
Child: Emma Troop?
Children: Nah.
Child: Minnie Haha?
Children: Nah. [horses neigh] Nah.
Child: Corn Flakes?
Frosty and the Children: Corn Flakes?
Frosty: How about... Crystal?
Children: Yeah!

== Cast ==
Dennis Day - Parson Brown, Snow Parson
Paul Frees - Jack Frost, Traffic Cop
Andy Griffith - Himself (Narrator)
Shelly Hines - Karen
Manfreed Olea - Child
Eric Stern - Child
Barbara Jo Ewing - Child
The Wee Winter Singers - Children
Jackie Vernon - Frosty
Shelley Winters - Crystal

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