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Godzilla 1985 is a 1985 film about a new Godzilla that emerges after thirty years after the original, and attacks Japan.

Directed by Koji Hashimoto. Written by Tomoyuki Tanaka.

== Dialogue ==
Goro Maki: What's that you're working on?
Dr. Hayashida: Genetic mutation designs.
Goro Maki: Genetic mutations. No kidding. Does it have something to do with Godzilla? I understand you lost your family to Godzilla thirty years ago. I imagine this has made you a bitter man. Was it vengeance that drove you to study Godzilla?
Dr. Hayashida: At first. But not now.
Goro Maki: Professor. They say Godzilla's a mutation. A monster made by intense radioactivity. Professor, is that true?
Dr. Hayashida: He's a product of civilization. Men are the only real monsters. Godzilla's more like a nuclear weapon.
Goro Maki: Nuclear weapon?
Dr. Hayashida: A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age.

== Taglines ==
The Legend Is Reborn.
Your favorite fire-breathing monster... Like you've never seen him before!
There goes the neighborhood.

== Cast ==
Raymond Burr — Steve Martin
Ken Tanaka — Goro Maki
Yasuko Sawaguchi — Naoko Okumura
Yosuke Natsuki — Professor Makoto Hayashida
Keiju Kobayashi — Prime Minister Seiki Mitamura
Shin Takuma — Hiroshi "Kenny" Okumura
Eitaro Ozawa — Minister of Finance Kanzaki

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