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Seasons:  1 2 3 4 5 6 | MainPretty Little Liars (2010-2017) is an American mystery teen drama thriller television series, airing on ABC Family (now Freeform), about four girls whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader. One year later, the estranged friends are reunited as they begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure named "A" who threatens to expose their deepest secrets. The show was created by 'I. Marlene King, based on the popular series of novels written by Sara Shepard. 

=== Pilot [1.01] ===
Alison: Friends share secrets. That's what keeps us close.
Hanna: Where's Ali and Spencer?
Aria: We don't know.
[Spencer approaches.]
Aria: Ali?
Spencer: She's gone.
Aria: What do you mean, she's gone?
Spencer: I've looked everywhere for her.  I think I heard her scream.[One Year Later]Spencer: Did you see the paper today?
Hanna: Yeah.
Spencer: She's gone, but she's everywhere.[Ezra sees Aria, whom he'd met the day before and thought was a college student, sitting in his high school English class.]
Ezra: Holy crap!
Ezra: You told me you went to Hollis.
Aria: No, I said I was thinking about majoring in English, and that's true.
Ezra: Look, I think you're amazing, Aria.  When I first met you, I thought, "Who is this girl?"
Aria: I'm still that girl.  Nothing's changed.
Ezra: Yes.  Yes, it has.  I'm your teacher...It's not right.  We just can't.Spencer: Well, you know what they say about hope.  Breeds eternal misery.Maya: They found your friend...
Emily: I knew she'd come back. Is she inside?
Maya: Emily.  I'm sorry.  They found Alison's body.

=== The Jenna Thing [1.02] ===
Emily: If a Hastings has a shot, she takes a shot.
Maya: Is that a drinking game?
Spencer: Yeah, it should be!Aria: [referring to Detective Wilden, who has questioned the girls] He knows we're lying.
Hanna: Lying is not a crime.
Spencer: It is when you're giving false statements  to the police.  It's called obstruction of justice.Spencer: I've decided on the class I want to take at Hollis.  But it's not for credit, Dad, it's for fun.
Peter Hastings: What's the point of that?Maya: So, I get your connection to Spencer.  You both like to win.
Emily: Winning's great, but if I've done my best, I usually feel good about the outcome, no matter what it is.
Maya: And Spencer?
Emily: Spencer needs to win.Wren: You know, I didn't grow up in a family like yours, so I don't know that kind of pressure, but I can imagine it could be unbearable at times.
Spencer: Well, you're not exactly a slouch, Mr. Oxford.  I mean, that drive had to come from somewhere.
Wren: Yeah.  It came from me.  My life has been my choice.
Spencer: Well, you're lucky.

=== To Kill a Mocking Girl [1.03] ===
Spencer: It's probably just a rabbit.
Hanna: Hello?
Spencer: It's a rabbit, Hanna. It's not gonna answer you.Hanna: God, it was one pair of sunglasses, and they were last season's!...Mom, you don't have to do this.
Ashley: Do what?
Hanna: Squeeze his grapefruit.Jenna: Whisper, whisper, whisper. It's almost like Alison is still here.Mona: [putting on lipstick] Ah! Totally love this color.  You should've stocked up on a few more tubes.
Hanna: Well, I only have two hands.  Keep it.
Mona: Why? Is your mom asking to see receipts?Aria: What are you doing here? Did you forget what we talked about?
Meredith: You talked.  I listened.
Aria: What didn't you understand? You need to leave now.
Meredith: Listen, sweetie, I'm not in high school.  You don't have any say in this.

=== Can You Hear Me Now? [1.04] ===
Aria: I saw you riding around town the other day...on your bike.
Ezra: Yeah, I saw you too. I waved, remember? I would have stopped, but you weren't alone.
Aria: Yeah. My friends thought you had nice legs.
Ezra: What do you think?
Aria: That I was embarrassed that my friends thought you had nice legs.Aria: Maybe this isn't smart.
Ezra: I promise you it's not smart.Emily: [as Toby is assigned a seat in Chem Lab] Oh, please, no.  Not here. Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please.
Toby: So, I guess we're lab partners.  You okay with that?
Emily: Sure.Ezra: I'm sorry, Mr. Sperling. Do you have something to add to the discussion, aside from phlegm?Wren: Your face is very fair.
Spencer: How about some black coffee?
Wren: I've been drinking scotch. I'd rather not mix my beverages.

=== Reality Bites Me [1.05] ===
Aria: [about her father's affair] Ali said I should have told my mom right after it happened.
Emily: Ali? Alison knew?
Aria: Yeah, she was with me.
Spencer: So, Alison saw this Meredith person?
Hanna: Meredith?  Her name is Meredith. Ew. That's not even a cute girl name.  I'm seeing big pores and mousy roots.
Spencer: Hanna, I think it's a little too soon to joke.
Hanna: I'm sorry, but if you're going to cheat, you might as well do it with somebody who deep-conditions her hair occasionally.
Spencer: Here [passing Hanna a bagel], put something in your mouth besides your foot.Hanna: ...I think working in a dentist office will help me with my fear.
Sean: Scared of dentists?
Hanna: Children.  Your mom is making me hand out sugar-free lollipops to six-year-olds.  They don't bite at that age, do they?Spencer: [to Emily, about Toby] Do you want to ask what your lab partner was doing last night? You know, maybe he took a break from sitting on his porch pulling the heads off squirrels.Hardy: [about Aria] Dude, you are so screwed.
Ezra: It - it's not what you think it is.  Don't give me that look.  I didn't pursue this, it just happened.
Hardy: And that makes it okay?
Ezra: Hardy -
Hardy: Ezra, she's cute, she's smart, I get it, there's no argument.  But she's your student, man.
Ezra: That's not how I met her.
Hardy: It doesn't matter.  When this is all over, she's gonna get her diploma.  You're going to get a pink slip and an orange jumpsuit.Ezra: Who's "A"?
[Aria looks at the message on her phone: "Lucky you, Aria! Other girls have to do their homework.  You get to do the teacher...--A"]
Aria: I don't know.
Ezra: How many of your friends did you tell?
Aria: I didn't -
Ezra: 'Cause if "A" knows, I'm thinking "B" and "C" and everybody else does too.

=== There's No Place Like Homecoming [1.06] ===
Lucas: [paired with Hanna in a Celibacy Club improv] ...I'm really more comfortable in an observational role during sexercise...Girls like her don't approach guys like me unless they have deep-seated self-esteem issues and a serious drinking problem...I don't need to know how to rebuff the advances of a genetic splice between Barbie and Shakira...It's just never going to happen.Maya: Dance music isn't really my thing. I'm not really gaga for Gaga.Mona: Hey, Han! Spencer.  So, is it true you're taking the country club's towel boy to Homecoming?
Spencer: His name is Alex.  And yes, I am.
Hanna: Knock it off, Mona.
Mona: What? I think it's cute she's taking her Cinderfella to the ball.
Hanna: Can you get me fro-yo, with sprinkles? [Mona leaves.]
Spencer: Wow, that was exactly the reaction I want to avoid.
Hanna: Don't pay any attention to her.  She's just insecure.
Spencer: Yeah, like a pit bull.Maya: If you and I start slipping up, we're going to be right back at the bottom again.
Hanna: Yeah. Well, I'm starting to think I've lost a few things on the climb up.Emily: I told you I needed space.
Maya: Yeah, and I'm giving you space - to come to grips with who you are, not to hide it.

=== The Homecoming Hangover [1.07] ===
[The girls are searching for Emily at the Homecoming dance.]
Spencer: Why don't we split up?
Hanna: Why don't we not.
Aria: Hanna, you can come with me.
Spencer: Why do I have to go alone?
Aria: Fine! We'll split up together.Hanna: Look, I have already gotten busted for stealing sunglasses and my boyfriend's car.
Spencer: Wait, you stole sunglasses?  From who?
Hanna: Not from a person, from a store.  God, I have some class.Spencer: Hey, are you taking something for the pain?
Emily: Yeah, but nothing that dulls my mother.Hanna: I got a message you wanted to see me.
Lucas: From the universe?Lucas: Sorry.
Hanna: For what?
Lucas: I didn't mean to, like, you know, invade your personal...skin.
Hanna: It's okay.  The leprosy cleared up.

=== Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone [1.08] ===
Ashley: ...this is a one-paycheck family, and we can't live a two-paycheck life.Hanna: [to Sean] I cannot believe you just said "cooties." You're such a goober.Jenna: [to Spencer] You and your friends are careless.  Like I told Emily, you're careless and you break things, and you think you're never going to have to pay for them.

=== The Perfect Storm [1.09] ===
Hanna: Spencer, you do not need to know any more big words.  You're already scary enough to anyone under fifty.
Spencer: I'm not scary!  Am I scary?
Aria: A little.Aria: Can we just drop it, please? I'm not looking for anything more than a friend.
Hanna: Why? Don't you have enough on Facebook?  Besides, don't you want someone real, someone you can, I don't know, scratch and sniff?Veronica Hastings: Hi girls. Oh, what smells so good?
Spencer: Garlic bread.  Want some?
Veronica Hastings: I can't.  God, I miss food. Eat some butter for me, will you?Veronica Hastings: Spencer, our family doesn't handle imperfection very well.

=== Keep Your Friends Close [1.10] ===
Hanna: Okay, I need to ask you guys something, and I need you to be totally honest with me...Is this side of my face fatter than this side?Spencer: I don't know when this war between us got started, Melissa, but can't it just be over?  I'm only sixteen, and I'm tired.Spencer: I feel like the poster child for poor judgement.Spencer: I think we're supposed to go to where we found Ali's bracelet.
Aria: That was in the middle of nowhere.
Spencer: Actually, it was fifteen steps east of the half-point tree, which is 136 steps from the main road.
Aria: You're a freak, and I love you.

=== Moments Later [1.11] ===
Mona: Oh, that cast!  That's - that's, like, for a broken leg.  That won't keep you from wearing heels, will it?
Hanna: Just for a little bit.Spencer: Ali may have done some psycho things, but she would never do anything tacky.Aria: We have to be really careful
Ezra: I've been careful.  Remember, careful made you unhappy.
Aria: You don't make me unhappy!  You totally mess me up, and I feel miserable sometimes, but you don't make me unhappy.Emily: I'm not afraid of Toby.
Wayne Fields: You're afraid of something.  I can see it in your eyes.  Now, what is it?
Emily: I'm afraid of you and Mom.
Wayne Fields: Why are you afraid of us?
Emily: Because I'm not who you think I am.
Wayne Fields: You're Emily Fields, my little girl...
Emily: It's not that simple.
Wayne Fields: Emmy -
Emily:  I'm gay.  I'm gay.Spencer: [about Aria and Ezra's relationship] Part of me thinks this is really self-destructive behavior, but most of me just thinks it's really hot.

=== Salt Meets Wound [1.12] ===
Aria: [about replacing the sticker on Hanna's cast] This time, why don't you try something mellower, like 'Save the Planet?'
Spencer: Hey, there were not a lot of choices okay? It was either Humpty Dumpty or 'Jesus is coming, look busy.'[In a flashback]
Alison: I only kill when we need food...and when I'm bored.Hanna: Did you get my emails?
Lucas: Yeah, I got 'em.
Hanna: Well, you know, I'm behind in every class, so if you want to study together...
Lucas: I'm kind of off studying at the moment.  Been there, done that.  This semester I plan to go from honor roll to toilet roll.Maya: I'm exhausted.  I didn't sleep last night.  I was way too nervous.
Emily: About dinner?  Because when I saw you at school, you were totally all right.
Maya: One of us had to hold it together.  You were one buckle short of a straitjacket.Emily: Tonight meant a lot to me.  Thank you.  Maya had a great time.
Pam Fields: Your father thinks she's very sweet.
Emily: She is.  And I'm glad you're okay with it.
Pam Fields: I'm not okay with it.  The whole thing makes me sick.  Sick to my stomach.

=== Know your Frenimies [1.13] ===
'A' is for Alison not Amateur. --AAria: A saved my relationship...
Hanna: Yeah, well A tried to kill me.Don't say I never gave you anything, turn on your computer. --A

=== Careful What U Wish 4 [1.14] ===
Hanna: (about Emily's flask) Where did you get that? ... This is mine.
Emily: I helped myself.
Hanna: To all of it?Wanna keep mommy out of prison? I have job for you. --AJob description: Heartbreaker. $200 for every dance with Lucas. --AYou have his heart, now rip it out! $1000 for the last dance. --AEmily: (To Spencer when she tries to open her door for her) I can open my own damn door!

=== If at First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again. [1.15] ===
Emily: (About Paige McCullers) just some snarky comment about me being gay.
Spencer: I will destroy her.
Aria: Can I help?Wanna help mama make some $$$$$ Show Mrs. Montgomery what her kid's been hiding. --AHanna: (To Caleb) You know what? Just don't talk about the Biebs, okay. You don't know the Biebs, you don't understand the Biebs. Or his hair.Ezra: Are you dissappointed that the artist didn't show?
Aria: No, the only person that I cared about seeing is you.Aria: When I first saw the limo, I thought I was gonna have to ride in the trunk.

=== Je Suis Une Ami [1.16] ===
Caleb's quiet, but how R U gonna shut ME up? --A

Aria: (To Hanna) Why are we sitting with Caleb?
Hanna: Why not?
Spencer: Hanna, I like stray dogs too, but sometimes they bite.
Hanna: Well, don't worry, okay? This dog's has it's shots.Hanna: Go Emily!
Aria: She's not swimming yet...Spencer: I think someone framing you.
Toby: What made you change your mind?
Spencer: I think someone may be trying to do the same thing to me.Caleb: Remind me again, which one's Bridgett?
Hanna: Bridgett is the one drinking from her purse.

=== The New Normal [1.17] ===
Jenna: Toby, did you hear? We can get that awful thing off your leg now. The cab's waiting.
Toby: Actually, I already have a ride.
Jenna: Emily.
Spencer: No, it's me.
Jenna: Spencer... It's really very nice of you but I'm here now.
Toby: I'm going with Spencer.
Jenna: I see...Hanna: (To Aria) I don't like what knowing what I'm capable of.Spencer: (On the phone) Where are you?
Aria: What are you talking about, I'm right here.
Spencer: (Hears sirens) Any firetruck you can here at your house, I can hear at mine-- Oh my God! Are you in his apartment? Are you on the bed...?
Aria: (Gets off the bed) No. I'm not... On the bed.
Spencer: Is he there?
Aria: Not exactly.
Spencer: Is he taking a shower?
Aria: He's getting take-out food for dinner! And this call is becoming very 1-900...
Spencer: To talk to a hot english teacher press 3...
Aria: Call ending now.Spencer: I'm sorry last night was a bust--
Toby: It wasn't a complete bust... Plus, it was kinda fun to kick your ass in Scrabble.
Spencer: It wasn't a complete ass kicking.Jenna is gonna be sooooo pissed! --A

=== The Badass Seed [1.18] ===
Hanna: Why isn't she wearing any shoes?
Spencer: So she can look small enough to play an 8 year old...Spencer: (To Hanna) You didn't read the entire play? (Looks at Aria)
Aria: Hey, don't look at me, I'm just here to make her look taller.Jenna: I find evil so... Inspiring.
Mr. Fitz: Uh... Inspiring?Hanna: (To Aria about Ezra) Is that the tie you bought him?
Aria: Stop.Mona: What gives, Velma? Did you have a nasty dream last night about Shaggy?
Hanna:I was in the shower with him
Mona: Talk about a wet dream.
Hanna: No, it wasn't a dream... He took a shower at my place.
Mona: (Gasp) Did you lose your V-card?
Hanna: No! Okay, I'm just... confused.Alison: Note to self: Don't drink and dive.Alison: The bolder the move, the less anyone questions it.

=== Person of Interest [1.19] ===
Spencer: I feel like whole parts of my brain have shut down... I used to like Alegebra-- or a least I understood it... And now it's a mess.
Emily: Well, it can get really abstract.
Spencer: Yeah, but that's I liked about it. X's, Y's, Z's-- none of it real. And I could deal with that. Just... Isolate the X factor. And now I feel like I'm the X factor...You're getting colder... --A

=== Someone to Watch Over Me [1.20] ===
Emily: Why an owl?
Hanna: It's symbolic.
Emily: Of.. what?
Hanna: Of our first night together. We... Heard owls.
Aria: Swooping down to carry off their prey?Toby: Do me a favor.
Spencer: Anything.
Toby: If you ever think about running away again... Call me first.

=== Monsters in the End [1.21] ===
Ezra: Are you gonna torture me because I gave somebody else a ring? Aria, seriously, it wasn't even a karat!Em! You definitely have a type: Love me. Lie for me. --A

=== For Whom the Bell Tolls [1.22] ===
Hanna: You're not going to be mad at me forever are you?
Lucas: Probably.Caleb: Why are you doing this?
Lucas: Because Hanna has the right to be happy.Aria:It's not from Spencer, it's from A... It's for all of us: 'Buckle up bitches, nothing is as it seems.' --AAria: Did you really leave your mom a note?
Hanna: Yeah, 'Dear Mommy, I went to the woods to trap a killer.'Hanna: How do you know that?
Spencer: Don't you watch CNN?
Hanna: ...
Spencer: No need to answer that.Aria: Oh my God.
Emily: Does this mean--
Spencer: 'It's not over until I say it is--
Hanna: Sleep tight, bitches--
All: While you still can. --A