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Space Amoeba is a 1970 film about a space probe that is infiltrated by alien beings and then crashes on a remote Pacific atoll. A group planning to build a resort hotel land on the island and discover it to be inhabited by giant mutant monsters created by the aliens in an attempt to conquer the world.

Directed by Ishirō Honda. Written by Ei Ogawa.

== Taglines ==
Spewed from intergalactic space to clutch the planet Earth in its ... terror tentacles!
The most fantastic science adventure ever filmed!

== Cast ==
Akira Kubo — Taro Kudo
Yukiko Kobayashi — Saki
Kenji Sahara — Makoto Obata
Yoshio Tsuchiya — Dr. Kyouichi Miya
Tetsu Nakamura — Onbo

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