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The Hidden Hand is a 1942 film about a man who escapes from an insane-asylum.

Directed by Benjamin Stoloff. Written by Anthony Coldeway and Raymond L. Schrock, based on the 1934 play Invitation to a Murder by Rufus King.

== Dialogue ==
Detective: I almost remembered where I'd seen you before, and it wasn't London.
John Channing: Are you sure about that?
Detective: Well it might've been London, except I was never there.Detective: Any of you people armed?
Eustis the Chauffeur: All I got is my persuader. [produces straight razor]

== Taglines ==
Warner Bros. Mystery Special!

== Cast ==
Craig Stevens — Peter Thorne
Elisabeth Fraser — Mary Winfield
Julie Bishop — Rita Channing
Willie Best — Eustis the Chauffeur
Frank Wilcox — Dr. Lawrence Channing
Cecil Cunningham — Lorinda Channing
Ruth Ford — Estelle Channing
Milton Parsons — John Channing
Roland Drew — Walter Channing
Tom Stevenson — Horace Channing
Marian Hall — Nurse Eleanor Stevens
Inez Gay — Hattie
Kam Tong — Mallo

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