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The Death Kiss is a 1932 film about an actor who is murdered during to filming of a movie.

Directed by Edwin L. Marin. Written by Gordon Kahn and Barry Barrigan.

== Dialogue ==
Franklyn Drew: I've just come from Chalmers' place. He's dead.
Marcia Lane: Chalmers?
Franklyn Drew: Poisoned.
Marcia Lane: You mean murdered?
Franklyn Drew: If it isn't that, it's a good imitation of it.Franklyn Drew: Poison, all right. Familiar smelling stuff too.
Officer Gulliver: [smells glass] Boy! That guy'd drink anything that wasn't too thick to chew.Officer Gulliver: Mr. Drew, I've been thinking.
Franklyn Drew: No!
Officer Gulliver: Yeah. The first thing I ask myself when I investigates a murder is 'who done it'.
Franklyn Drew: Well that sounds logical.
Officer Gulliver: And the next thing I ask myself is 'who could do it.'
Franklyn Drew: And then?
Officer Gulliver: Then I ask myself again 'who wanted to do it.'
Franklyn Drew: And how do you answer yourself?
Officer Gulliver: Well... I ain't come to that yet.

== Taglines ==
Movie star MURDERED! KILLER on the loose!

== Cast ==
David Manners — Franklyn Drew
Adrienne Ames — Marcia Lane
Bela Lugosi — Joseph Steiner
John Wray — Detective Lieut. Sheehan
Vince Barnett — Officer Gulliver
Alexander Carr — Leon A. Grossmith
Edward Van Sloan — Tom Avery
Harold Minjir — Howell
Barbara Bedford — Script Girl
Al Hill — Assistant Director
Harold Waldridge — Charlie
Wade Boteler — Sergeant Hilliker
Lee Moran — Todd

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