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Rita Rudner (born 17 September 1953) is an American comedian and writer.

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We did long for the pitter-patter of little feet, so we decided to buy a dog. Cheaper, and… get more feet.
When Dr. Katz asks whether she and her husband have discussed children
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, "Real Estate" [2.02], 29 October 1995I love being married, I do. It's so great to find that one special person that you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
Best of the Improv, Vol. 3 (2003)Well, the old theory was "marry an older man because they're more mature". But the new theory is "men don't mature — marry a young one".
Best of the Improv, Vol. 3 (2003)

=== Naked Beneath My Clothes (1992) ===
To me, life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside.
On pregnancy
Essay 2: "How Can I Have Morning Sickness When I Don't Get Up 'Til Noon"?, p. 6[One of my friends] was in labor for 36 hours. (I don't even want to do anything that feels good for 36 hours.)
On childbirth
Essay 2, p. 7Envy the kangaroo. That pouch setup is extraordinary; the baby crawls out of the womb when it is about two inches long, gets into the pouch, and proceeds to mature. I'd have a baby if it would develop in my handbag.
On pregnancy and childbirth
Essay 2, p. 7-8I don't even know how this word came into being: "aerobics". I guess gym instructors got together and said, "If we're going to charge ten dollars an hour, we can't call it 'jumping up and down'."
Essay 4: "Survival of the Fattest", p. 18Nobody is really happy with what's on their head. People with straight hair want curly, people with curly want straight, and bald people want everyone to be blind.
Essay 7: "Should I Get My Head Analyzed or Just My Hair?", p. 24Why are women wearing perfumes that smell like flowers to attract men? Men don't like flowers. I have a great idea for a scent that will attract men — how about "New Car Interior"?
Essay 16: "Flirting with Success", p. 61I had teeth that stuck out so far, I used to eat other kids' candy bars by accident.
Essay 42: "Fillings Nothing … More Than Fillings", p. 151

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